5 teams to watch in Week 2 of THE TIPOFF Powered by AT&T - NBA 2K League

5 teams to watch in Week 2 of THE TIPOFF Powered by AT&T

We had a wonderful 1st week of 5v5. Talent everywhere, great games, unique styles, our 5v5 debut week lived up to the billing. Week 2 gets underway tomorrow night, so let’s look ahead at a couple teams that you should keep your eye on as we get closer to the end of TIPOFF group play!

T-Wolves Gaming (3-0)

An excellent week of 5-out basketball sees Minnesota as one of only 2 undefeated teams left in the league. Their combination of efficient offense and turnover-happy defense makes them a really difficult matchup for most teams in the league. In a normal year, they’d be a good bet to finish group stage undefeated. However, this is not a normal year and Warriors Gaming Squad are not a normal team. Their matchup to end the week will likely decide the #1 seed in the group and also the #1 seed in the West heading into the TIPOFF bracket play. If the T-Wolves can get to that game undefeated and even beat Warriors Gaming Squad, we’re going to have to seriously reevaluate the heights this team could hit.

NBL Oz Gaming (1-2)

Lot of hubbub this week on social media about a 1-2 team! Jokes aside, NBL Oz is a fascinating group, currently the only team in the league with a sub. 500 record but a positive point differential, they’re living on the edge in a major way. The obvious reason is the debut of the Floor Spacing Slasher build at Point Guard which helped Ceez to one of the best weeks any player has had in 2KL history. 37 ppg, 9 apt, on 91.8% FG!! Ridiculous numbers regardless of how good or bad any build is. However…is it sustainable? That’s a whole other question. We’ll find out this week if this team is legit or just a fun flash in the pan.

Heat Check Gaming (2-1)

Look, I know that sometimes I can be a bit smug when I’m right about things. “A bit?” You say to yourself quietly. Yes, yes, okay I can be obnoxious when I’m right, but it’s only because I want people to succeed. In this case, the Ky moving to SG move has worked out like a charm, seeing Heat Check put up one of their best offensive weeks in team history on their way to a cushy 2-1 week. Their loss to Hawks Talon was explainable with a bad quarter and a runaway 2nd half, but this team is still primed for a big run in this tournament. If Tay can find his way to get involved a little bit more and Sawc can keep up his insane play down low for Ky to find, then this team should just stay this good for most of the season. If Ky keeps this up, there is an MVP conversation in his future.

Wizards District Gaming (2-1)

It’s early, but I’m going to call my shot on this team. I think they will eventually be one of the 5 playoff teams to come out of the East. It may not be during the TIPOFF, but I think this team is ready to launch. Their defense is getting more organized by the game and I think Benzo is primed for a huge year. His control of games so early in his point guard career is very impressive. Once he settles down a bit, the scoring numbers we could see from him could be really special. For now, he’s still working out the kinks with the rest of his new team. I like the vibes though.

Mavs Gaming (2-1)

From Dayfri’s former team to his current team, I think what we saw out of Mavs Gaming in Week 1 is REAL. In this league, it’s rare for a defense to look that good one week and then all of a sudden just fall off, especially with the quality of defender they have at their disposal. What will take this team to the next level is Fanta’s scoring potential. He’s currently averaging only 12 ppg, but 8.6 app. Strange numbers for a SG, but it worked well enough to get them to 2-1. But, he will eventually need to take on a larger scoring role. Any team with their SG 4th in PPG is going to fall into some serious offensive issues at some point, so if he can get those 3s cranked up and help this team extend leads alongside their elite defense, this team is going to start seriously blowing teams out.

That does it for me this week! Check out Dirk and I’s 5v5 week 1 review podcast and be sure to tune in to the broadcast tomorrow night at 6 pm/et for more 5v5 action.