3v3 Playoffs Review - NBA 2K League

3v3 Playoffs Review

The NBA 2K League 3v3 season has now officially come and gone as Dux Infinitos walked away as champions over the 2022 Champions Pistons GT in the best-of-seven final. For the first time in NBA 2K League history, we had a bracket reset in the finals, meaning Pistons GT had to knock off Dux Infinitos twice to claim once again that they were the kings of 3v3. Unfortunately, they were not able to do that as they fell in game 7 of the second best-of-seven and were dethroned by Dux Infinitos. 


What a performance from LowkeyGodlike throughout both series as Pistons GT struggled to find an answer for him on both ends of the floor. Coming into the finals I wondered if the pressure of the moment and the bright lights being on Dux Infinitos would be enough to make them crack under pressure, but they showed up and put on a show, so credit to them. Also, what a sensational final from Killey. He was able to frequently remain effective from the field and minimize his lapses to ensure a hassle defensively for Bagmotion. With Killey being efficient from the field throughout and Dux Infinitos making timely plays defensively, they captured their first 3v3 League title in franchise history.


Dot Squad came into the 3v3 playoffs looking to prove to General Managers and coaches that all three of them deserve a second chance to be looked at for the NBA  2K League’s newest feature for 5v5, the add/waive period. After solid performances from all three players, including wins vs Celtics Crossover Gaming, and Pistons GT, they are on their way to potentially placing themselves on rosters for 5v5. After losing to Dux Infinitos in the upper bracket, Dot Squad quickly had to refocus and get ready for their elimination matchup versus Bucks Gaming. Despite holding a 2-0 series lead against them and being one game away from championship Saturday, Dot Squad, unfortunately, ran out of gas, falling to Bucks Gaming 3-2 in the best-of-five series. Despite the loss, it was a remarkable playoff run from this group, and they have nothing to hang their heads about moving forward.


Another 3v3 season, another astonishing finish for Pistons GT. They started the 2023 season off very strong, defeating T-Wolves Gaming in the finals of the SLAM OPEN, and walking away as champions. After a slip-up in the SWITCH OPEN, falling to T-Wolves Gaming in an elimination matchup, Pistons GT would vow to come back better a few weeks later for the NBA 2K League 3v3 playoffs, and that they did. Pistons GT started the playoffs strong, defeating Jazz Gaming in an upper-bracket matchup. Unfortunately, they would fall victim to the “trap game” in their next matchup vs Dot Squad as they lost the best-of-five series 3-2. From this point on, I questioned whether or not Pistons GT would have enough mental endurance to make it back to the finals due to having to play so many games consecutively. They would make it back to the finals after emerging victorious versus Cavs Legion GC, NBL Oz Gaming, Glo Navy Glosquitos, Bucks Gaming, and Nets GC. But it wasn’t enough. As mentioned earlier, after winning the first best-of-seven series 4-1 and forcing the first-ever bracket reset in NBA 2K League history, Pistons GT ran out of gas and the final series 4-3 to Dux Infinitos.