3v3 Playoffs Recap - NBA 2K League

3v3 Playoffs Recap

We did it, everyone. We made it through our 2nd season of 3v3 gameplay! Year 1 was about setting the stage, this year became about stars elevating themselves and giving us a real idea about who the titans of this mode are. I’ll leave the gritty details to the sections below, so let’s officially get into our 3v3 recap.




Look, I DEFINITELY speak a lot in hyperbole, especially on broadcast, but I really think that was the best finals in league history. I think Season 1 is the most iconic finals the league has had, but from a pure gameplay standpoint, I don’t think anything touches Dux vs. Pistons GT. First off, the bracket reset was ******* awesome. Pistons GT punched DUX in the mouth with 4-straight wins to force the reset and it immediately leveled up the atmosphere 10-fold. Pistons GT dominated them mentally, Dux looked legitimately checked out by the end of the 1st series, I think the break in between the series might’ve saved their title chances. The second series was easily the best 3v3 series we’ve played in 2 years. The level of execution from both sides was impeccably high, every single little mistake or weakness was being exploited to it’s fullest. Both teams were absolutely ruthless in their execution. Dux going after the pick and pop over and over again really crushed Pistons GT’s spirits. Also helps when LowKeyGodlike doesn’t miss A SINGLE SHOT in 7 straight games. Amazing series, amazing Finals, congrats to Dux for keeping their heads and pulling it out in the end. 




I came into the 3v3 playoffs expecting this to be the moment that teams really started to separate themselves as a whole in this mode. Couple teams made the  playoffs for the 2nd straight year, others had a chance to solidify themselves as a force in their first year. What we got was a little bit of both. I think our Final 4 was a good encapsulation of how this season went down. Dux and Pistons GT cemented themselves as the best 3v3 teams in the league, they should be our baseline for success going forward. Bucks Gaming continued their path to being one of the best orgs we have in the whole league while NetsGC staked their claim as the new possible up-and-coming powerhouse led by Greens. After that, we have some scrappy teams in the mode like T-Wolves Gaming, CLTX Gaming, and NBL Oz Gaming. Competition definitely went up a level this year, excited to see what year 3 brings.




Let’s close out 3v3 by talking about our champions. First of all, standing ovation to what ended up being our unquestioned best team. They won a banner and a title back to back. They took down the reigning champs in a Game 7 for $120K. Best point differential, best win%, most total money made, their accolades are incredibly impressive when you lay them all out. And to think, they didn’t even make it on stage during the Slam Open! I don’t want to pat myself on the back too hard, but back during the expansion draft in Season 5, I said that DUX would win at least a 3v3 banner when they drafted Killey! They’ve obviously exceeded all expectations and won the title, congrats to em!


And with that, 3v3 has come to a close! Thank you to everyone for following our coverage this season. Now, it’s time for the legacy mode. 5v5 begins next Tuesday, let’s go!