2024 Season Preview #2 - KNX, WGS, HCG, CCG, MVG - NBA 2K League

2024 Season Preview #2 – KNX, WGS, HCG, CCG, MVG

Knicks Gaming storms into the 2024 NBA 2K League season like a tornado waiting to release its fury. Returning to the squad from the 2023 season are Point Guard Radiant, Shooting Guard Original Malik, and Small Forward Whatsstick. And offseason acquisitions Power Forward Feast and Center Sick One completes the team.

Despite making the playoffs in both game modes, it was an uncharacteristically slow start to the 5v5 season for Radiant. His scoring and phenomenal facilitating abilities stick out as reasons why he is among the elite in his position. 

Moving on to OriginalMalik, a sensational scorer who showcases strong defensive abilities as well. He will be a huge help for Radiant in the backcourt once again to alleviate the pressure off of him. The one accolade that Malik is missing is that coveted NBA 2K League 5v5 Championship. Could this be the year that Knicks Gaming gets it done for him? 

Whatsstick is one of the best one-on-one defenders that the NBA 2K League has to offer while being a consistent bucket on the offensive end as well. Feast will most likely move to Power Forward for this team after playing on Center for the majority of his time on the Gen.G Tigers. Feast is a top-notch player in the pick-and-roll defensively and a superior shooter on offense. 

To round things out for Knicks Gaming is SickOne, who brings a winning mentality and a veteran presence to the team. Will the All-NBA 2K League first-team member replicate another extraordinary season like last year? I guess we’ll have to wait to find out.

Warriors Gaming Squad rolls into the 2024 season hoping to carry over the momentum from a special season in 2023 where they claimed a playoff spot in both game modes and won the 5v5 NBA 2K League Championship. Warriors Gaming is our first team to bring back their whole roster, so let’s dive into the team.

Returning for his fifth season with WGS is Point Guard CB13. He showcases flawless scoring ability and superb game management skills in both game modes on a consistent basis. He also brings a frequent pattern of winning, having made the NBA 2K League playoffs in each season of his career. 

Secondly, we need to talk about the 2019 MVP and 2023 Finals MVP MamaImDatman. Mama is a high-volume scorer who is frequently able to generate open looks both with the ball in his hands and off-ball as well. His on-ball defense is an underrated quality of his game. Next, let’s shine some light on the OG Kenny Got Work. 

Kenny was undoubtedly the best Lockdown Defender in the league last season. His tenacity on the defensive end stands out as he is always putting himself in the right spot to make a game-changing play. 

Two-time NBA2KL Champ Seese joined Warriors Gaming Squad in May of 2023 after a trade with the Cavs Legion. After his arrival to the Bay Area, he had an instant impact on the team, which ended in them winning the NBA 2K League 5v5 title.

And rounding out the roster at Center is Native, an aggressive center who shows great ability to finish at the rim. Furthermore, he is sensational at giving his team second chance opportunities off of offensive rebounds. I expect to see Warriors Gaming Squad in the 5v5 Finals again next season. 


Heat Check Gaming selected Therealtay614 during the 2024 NBA League Draft to complete the team surrounded by Shooting Guard Ky, newly acquired Small Forward Matty, Power Forward Dtrick, and Center Sawc.

Tay’s ability to control games while also being efficient from beyond the arc is noteworthy. He will pair nicely in the backcourt with Ky, who came into the league and put everyone on notice with his brilliant scoring ability. I am very excited to see the chemistry between Tay and Ky over the course of the season. 

And then there’s Matty. After coming over from Magic Gaming in a trade in the offseason, he now earns a fresh start in Miami. Matty is a very good defender who will bring a boost to what was a bad Heat defense last season. For the first time in the NBA 2K League, pro-am teammates Matty and Sawc take the virtual court together as they look to conquer the eastern conference this season. 

Next up, we have veteran Power Forward and former NBA 2K League all-rookie team member Dtrick. Dtrick is a marvelous scorer and a true anchor of the Miami defense. Finally, Sawc is one of the centers in this league that seems to frequently fly under the radar. He’s one of the more aggressive centers in the league when finishing at the basket. More than that, he is great at collecting defensive rebounds, allowing his team to score in transition. I expect a playoff berth for the Heat in 3v3 and the team to be right in the thick of the 5v5 playoff race.

Celtics Crossover Gaming heads into the 2024 season looking to fire on all cylinders after making the 3v3 playoffs, but  missing out on 5v5. With  Point Guard Leche, Center Colt, Small Forward Tayzo, and Power Forward Chrizzy returning, they look primed to make some noise in both game modes.

Rounding out the CCG squad is Shooting Guard 630. He was acquired this offseason via trade with 76ers GC. 630 is a prominent scorer who does a terrific job of taking the pressure off of his Point Guard when necessary. We’ve seen him showcase his ability to take over games so I am excited to see how this backcourt comes together. 

Letche had a solid rookie campaign in Boston and I’m looking to see what another year of development in the league looks like for him. He did a great job taking what the defense gave him and facilitating, but struggled from three-point range at times so I look forward to seeing him find more consistency from downtown. 

You cannot mention Lockdown Defenders in the league without mentioning Tayzo. Tayzo is one of the better one-on-one defenders in the league across both game modes. His ability to stay attached to the primary ball handler sticks out the most to me.

Chrizzy is one of the best defensive players across both game modes. He is an above-average shooter with the ability to lurk in passing lanes consistently and knock down his shots. 

Lastly, Colt is a very good Center on both ends of the floor. From his remarkable offensive abilities to his ability to control the glass and hold down the paint, he just continues to get better year after year while leading his team. 


Mavs Gaming headed into the 2024 NBA 2KL draft needing a Shooting Guard to complete their starting five that consists of Kapp, recent draftee Fanta, returning veterans in Jarsity, and newly acquired Shotz. Also returning after a year-long stint at coaching is the best center in league history, Dayfri. 

Kapp had a down year last year with Wizards District Gaming, but now has an opportunity to redeem himself in Dallas. Kapp can be a  great scorer and is known to be a solid facilitator, but consistency is where he struggles the most. He will be reunited with Dayfri so I am excited to see how they work together in the pick-and-roll again.

Next we have Fanta. After going undrafted in season six, he is on a mission to prove that he was worthy of the selection at number 24 overall. Fanta is a player who shows elite stick skill on a regular basis. He is great at capitalizing on his catch-and-shoot scenarios and creating open space for himself. 

Let’s talk about the return of Jarsity. After spending last season in Dallas, he is hoping for more team success this time around after a disappointing go of it in both modes. Jarsity has terrific defensive abilities, he is great at putting himself in positions to make plays frequently while containing the opposing Point Guard. Jarsity is also an effective shooter on the offensive end. However, I’ll be looking for him to raise his three-point shooting production in 2024. 

Now on to the newcomer, Shotz. He is an excellent defender, both in the pick-and-roll and out of the corner.  From lurking steals in passing lanes to providing a spark for his teams offensively, the 2021 All-Star does it all. I am interested to see how he gels with the squad. 

Last, but certainly not least, I give you Dayfri. A bombshell was dropped when Dayfri came out of retirement and was traded from WDG to Mavs Gaming to claim the Center spot. As the best and most decorated player of all time, he gives you everything you need in an elite center. From scoring to rebounding, to playmaking, to sensational defensive abilities. Honestly, no one comes close.