2023 NBA 2K League Season Preview- Western Conference - NBA 2K League

2023 NBA 2K League Season Preview- Western Conference



Blazer5 Gaming


Season 5 Performance:


Only one way to describe Season 5 for Blazer5, an unmitigated disaster. Everything that could’ve gone wrong, did. A hot start to the season led by top 5 pick Unguardable quickly fell apart during THE TURN and saw the rookie of the year finalist traded to Orlando in an apparent rebuild attempt from Portland. However, even that backfired on them as Unguardable went on to win both the STEAL OPEN and THE TICKET with Magic Gaming and Portland found themselves in the midst of even more chaos. Almost their entire team and head coach were suspended from the league indefinitely due to violations of the player Code of Conduct. Portland has a brand new roster and nowhere to go but up. Are they good enough to take the leap?


2023 Season Outlook:

Proj. 3v3 Lineup: Claude, Jomar, Kayaus

Proj. 5v5 Lineup: PG Claude, SG Harby. SF Lavish, PF Kayaus, C Jomar


Trading two first round picks for Jomar this offseason hurt their future outlook, but the team made good decisions around him and seemingly have a capable roster heading into the season. Claude, the #4 pick in the draft, is a solid prospect and should immediately start producing at a good level and Kayaus, their other first round pick, has been excellent for Warriors Gaming Squad at PF the last two seasons and will help their front court immensely. Will this team win games? Honestly, no clue. But, at least this team is a little more stable and has a good lockerroom to build around. Feeling some late-season sleeper vibes with this team.


Bucks Gaming


Season 5 Performance:


Champions. Such a beautiful word. Looking back on Bucks Gaming’s run to the title, it still doesn’t feel real. A 9-3 record, taking down TICKET Champion Mavs Gaming, #2 seed Warriors Gaming Squad, #1 seed T-Wolves Gaming, the two-time reigning champs Wizards District Gaming, all for the ultimate prize the 2KL has to offer. We may never see anything like it ever again. But, the one major difference between this team and our past champions? They only brought back 60% of the team. Seese and Dimez, the incredible frontcourt that drove them in the second half of the season, are gone, replaced by Don and OneWildWalnut. Repeating as champs is hard, but not impossible.


2023 Season Outlook:

Proj. 3v3 Lineup: Cooks, Johnny, Dawsix

Proj. 5v5 Lineup: PG Cooks, SG Johnny. SF Dawsix, PF Don, C OneWildWalnut


Through all of the offseason politics and opinions, the team, on paper, is very good. Year two of Cooks and Johnny should see the duo take another huge leap. Johnny spent the offseason dominating as a member of the Breakout pro-am team and looks to challenge Kaii for the title of “Best Shooting Guard in the league.” At the end of the day however, this team will go as far as their new frontcourt allows them. Don and Walnut are a good attempt at replacing Seese and Dimez, but there is no way to know if it’ll pay off until we get on the court. This team has some similar shades to the T-Wolves Gaming team coming off their title in 2019, hopefully they fare better the next season than Minnesota did (missed playoffs).


Dux Infinitos


Season 5 Performance:


The best way to describe Dux’s first season is using a seesaw. They started the season with an uphill battle and they looked like they were going to get it done. Then, they hit the middle of the seesaw and went straight back down. They were the #1 seed in the West in 3v3 at the midpoint of the season and finished as the #4 seed and lost in the first round to the eventual champion Pistons GT. 5v5, they made it out of the group stage during THE TIPOFF and then managed just three wins the rest of the season. Expansion seasons are tough, so let’s see how they do with their feet underneath them in 2023.


2023 Season Outlook:

Proj. 3v3 Lineup: Killeyy, HesCap, LowkeyGodlike

Proj. 5v5 Lineup: PG Vandi, SG Killeyy, SF Hescap, PF Lord Beezus, C LowkeyGodlike


I am a bit confused by this roster. They have 5 dudes who can all play 3v3, yet their 5v5 team is a mystery across the board. I will be very intrigued to see who plays 3v3 for them. You’d think Killeyy would get the lead spot, however Vandi won a Banner MVP last season. Same thing with first round pick LowkeyGodlike, but Lord Beezus was one of the best 3v3 bigs in the league last season. Lots of pressure on rookie Coach Juice to manage this roster and keep it in order. 5v5 wise, your guess is as good as mine on this squad. Good, bad, who knows.


Grizz Gaming


Season 5 Performance:


They were basically the Dux Infinitos of the Eastern Conference. *Insert metaphor about seesaws here*. Same exact story. Started hot in both modes, faded hard and went out quietly. A very disappointing outcome coming off their first playoff appearance in team history in 2021. But, they hit the reset button this summer, loaded the roster with a good combo of veteran and rookie talent. And now, they look…a lot like every Grizz Gaming team.


2023 Season Outlook:

Proj. 3v3 Lineup: Reese, Logic_Stark, Jrod

Proj. 5v5 Lineup: PG Cp, SG ReeseDaGod, SF Logic_Stark, PF Jrod, C Spartan


It’s a classic Grizz Gaming team. Scrappy, talented, yet you’re not sure if they have the upside to challenge the elite teams. They do have one wild card that will likely decide their entire season, #7 overall pick Cp. His potential can’t be denied and him falling to the Grizz at 7 may end up looking like one of the best picks in the draft. He’s surrounded by everything a young PG could ask for. A star veteran SG, a good defensive frontcourt, and another star veteran at Center in Spartan, if he can use these pieces they’ll be a real threat in both game modes.


Jazz Gaming


Season 5 Performance


When you lose a player the caliber of Splashy, you’d expect a team to crash and burn. To the surprise of everyone, Utah did the opposite. They played very well and ended up being one of the only teams in the league to make the Championships in both game modes. They acquired Duck mid-season and he drove the bus for them well enough to squeeze in. Not to mention another legendary season from Ria, who again cemented his place as possibly the best player in the world. They did enough last season and got over the finish line. But with Splash gone and no first round pick, they headed into the offseason with a very uncertain future.


2023 Season Outlook:

Proj. 3v3 Lineup: RekCombos, Kaze, Ria

Proj. 5v5 Lineup: PG RekCombos, SG Kel, SF Kaze, PF Charger, C Ria


From a 5v5 perspective, they need a lot to go their way. Rek and Kaze are good prospects, but still raw at the top-levels of NBA 2K. Kel was out of the league last season and was a bit of a surprise pick in the 3rd round. Charger is a good vet, but this team is putting so much on Ria. It’s going to take an MVP season+ from Ria for this team to get to the playoffs. If anyone can do it, he can. From a 3v3 perspective, it’s a dark horse. Rek, Kaze, and Ria are a tricky trio and I think they could surprise people this year. They are my surprise pick to be elite this season.


Kings Guard Gaming


Season 5 Performance


It is a bit shocking to remember that this team had Mama Im Dat Man, Ant SZN, Crush, and OneWildWalnut heading into last season. So much hype, so much promise, all for not. They flamed out after two tournaments and the whole team was different sans Crush heading into THE TICKET tournament. So easy to forget that this team was supposed to be a title contender! They were going to win the West and finally, get to the mountain top. It wasn’t to be, it was just another Kings Guard Gaming season.


2023 Season Outlook:

Proj. 3v3 Lineup: Regg, Bray, Dimez

Proj. 5v5 Lineup: PG Regg, SG Bash, SF Bray, PF Kerry, C Dimez


The incredibly tangled web of trades and draft picks to produce this team will be studied by 2KL scholars for decades…or maybe just by me for the next paragraph. Somehow, they end up with four basically brand new guys and their former playoff PG, Bash. Oh, and they have the Finals MVP DImez. And maybe the best multi-position prospect in the draft in Bray…and a really solid PF in Kerry…are the Kings… good? Regg made the playoffs in both modes last season with Lakers Gaming, they definitely should be good…right? Hopefully, their franchises’ history of blown seasons ends.


Lakers Gaming


Season 5 Performance


After three seasons of being the worst team in the league, Lakers Gaming woke up in a big way. Former #1 overall pick Krazy went from possible trade asset to top 5 player in the league and the team went with him. Surrounded by a solid backcourt in Regg and Reese and two good defensive members in Tactuk and GreenTooNice, everything was grand in Lakerland…until it wasn’t. I wouldn’t call it a collapse, I’d call it a soft collapse. They just slowly slid down the hill. They won a playoff series in both modes, needs to be recognized, but that was as far as they went. 


2023 Season Outlook:

Proj. 3v3 Lineup: Spam, FutureClutch, Krazy

Proj. 5v5 Lineup: PG Spam, SG Duck, SF FutureClutch, PF GreenTooNice, C Type


After the best season in Lakers Gaming history, they went and replaced 60% of their roster! Wait, what? The collapse was simply too much and out went Regg, Reese, and Tactuk, and in comes #3 overall pick Spam, veteran SG Duck, and veteran lock FutureClutch. Are they better than they were last year? Very debatable, the answer will largely be dependent on if Spam is the future star we have predicted. A lot rests on his shoulders. With an older generation on their way out, this league needs new faces. Spam may be the guy that takes this team, and maybe even the league, into the next generation. On the court, I think we will all enjoy the Spam-Krazy combo, which should be one of the most potent combos in the league.


Mavs Gaming


Season 5 Performance


It was a bit of a dull season for Mavs Gaming. They drafted KennyZeus 5th overall and he was fine. Their defense? Fine. The team plodded along before finding some footing towards the end of the season and walking away with a TICKET title. Sidenote, brothers Sick One and Legit became the first players in league history to win all 3 5v5 tournaments and complete the banner chain! Anyway, it’s time to put Season 5 to rest. It’s a new dawn in Dallas, a new leader has come to take Mavs Gaming to the promised land. Dayfri, the hometown kid, the player they drafted in Season 1 then traded away to the Wizards only to watch him win two straight titles, a Finals MVP, a regular season MVP, a DPOY, and the title of best player in league history, has come to save the day. He feels like an English King with all the accolades we have to say alongside his name now, but honestly, it may not matter. Only one question matters now. Can he coach?


2023 Season Outlook:

Proj. 3v3 Lineup: KennyZeus, Follow, Jarsity

Proj. 5v5 Lineup: PG KennyZeus, SG Reizey, SF Follow, PF Jarsity, C Glo


All this talk about Dayfri being the coach and you may miss some things about this roster. Firstly, KennyZeus has to be better this year. Period. He was solid last year, but they need him to take the sophomore year leap we’ve seen plenty of elite PGs take. Secondly, Follow-Jarsity-Glo needs to be the backbone of this team. They have all shown they can succeed at the league level, but I think all three could see a bump if this goes according to plan. Dayfri finally got fellow-Texan Reizey to Dallas as well, on paper it looks nice. KennyZeus has to be the guy. Doesn’t matter if I’m coaching or Dayfri, they need top-end production from the PG spot.


Pacers Gaming


Season 5 Performance


We can talk about this team in so many ways. We could discuss their disappointing 5v5 campaign, the 630 trade, them winning the SLAM OPEN, Vandi winning a Slam MVP, but honestly, none of that matters. As the #1 seed in the West and the favorite to win the 3v3 title, they lost in the second round to Rim Runners, a community team with barely three series wins to their name. Not only did they lose, they got swept! Easily the biggest upset in league history and probably the most shocking loss for any team in recent memory. This team almost went undefeated on their SLAM OPEN title run and yet they go out like that? Only one thing to do at that point, blow it up, and start over.


2023 Season Outlook:

Proj. 3v3 Lineup: Greenlight, Range, JaySnags

Proj. 5v5 Lineup: PG Greenlight, SG Chess, SF Range, PF JaySnags, C BigReign


Blow it up, they did! An almost entirely new starting five enters the stage after one of the most impressive offseasons for any GM ever. Cody Parrent pulled off a few massive trades and now has a pretty fantastic new roster to play with. Chess Range and Jaysnags aren’t as big of names as Greenlight, but the three of them should create an excellent defensive core for this team with Range and Jaysnags joining forces in 3v3 as well. BigReign is in line for a nice sophomore season, but this team really comes down to the Enigma, Greenlight. He was in the league back in 2021, but temporarily retired. He’s back now and better than ever, looking like he could make a run for the scoring title on a team built to support his skillset. The hype is there for this team, but they have a long way to go before we crown them anything more than an impressive GM job.


Pistons GT


Season 5 Performance


This time last year, it was the Radiant-Ramo show. Two all-time legends with a shot at the title…until it wasn’t. Radiant got shipped to New York and AntSZN came back the other way. Ant is a lightning rod for controversy, no question about it. His intensity and competitiveness have earned him a reputation and has sparked plenty of rivalries across the league. But his talent can’t be denied. From the second he was given the keys in Detroit, he turned the team around. Leading the league in scoring in 5v5 the rest of the season and pairing with Ramo and BagMotion to win the 3v3 title, he left his mark in a huge way. Now, they enter the offseason as 3v3 champions, with eyes on the bigger 5v5 prize.


2023 Season Outlook:

Proj. 3v3 Lineup: Ant, BagMotion, Ramo

Proj. 5v5 Lineup: PG Ant, SG Brich, SF BagMotion, PF Spammy, C Ramo


This team is ready. It’s really hard to spot a hole in this squad heading into the season. If they all play up to their potential, there is no reason why this team shouldn’t compete for a title in both modes. They return the trio that got them to the top of the mountain last season and their new additions slide in perfectly. Two-time champion BRich should give them some more pedigree in big games and Spammy should elevate their defense so they can hang with the big boys. It’s time for Pistons GT to finally leap into the league’s elite, this could be the team that gets them there.


T-Wolves Gaming


Season 5 Performance


Season 5 was basically a carbon copy of the 2021 season in Minnesota. Win THE TIPOFF, play great during THE TURN, break all kinds of records on offense and then get upset in the playoffs due to surprisingly bad guard play. It was really shocking to see BearDaBeast struggle like that in a big spot. His Game 3 performance against Bucks Gaming is not a good look on his all-time resume. But after seeing Kaii go through the same ringer against Warriors Gaming Squad the season before leaves an even worse taste in the mouth. Will T-Wolves Gaming get a title out of one of the best core’s ever assembled? If not this year, it may be the last year.


2023 Season Outlook:

Proj. 3v3 Lineup: Kaii, Clampism, Slaughter

Proj. 5v5 Lineup: PG BearDaBeast, SG ShiftyKaii, SF Clampism, PF TBShiftay, C Slaughter


T-Wolves Gaming did a great job replacing Myles with DJayTooCOld last season and now with him gone, it falls to Clampism to fit into this star-studded roster. Look, this team is going to be really good. They are going to put up regular season wins like crazy, maybe they will even win a tournament or two. But, even they would tell you that it doesn’t matter anymore. This core has accomplished almost everything you can as a team in this league…except for the big-time. It’s put up or shut up time in Minnesota. It’s title or bust.


 Warriors Gaming Squad


Season 5 Performance


It was a quiet year for the Warriors Gaming Squad. The “Evil Empire” as I’ve come to call them had a bit of a “Death Star got blown up” moment when Bucks Gaming came back from a 1-0 deficit in the 5v5 playoffs and ended their season. Their high-profile trade for Mama Im Dat Man ended up falling a bit flat and everything came to an unceremonious end. But, as Warriors Gaming Squad does, they didn’t waste time licking their wounds and revamped their roster heading into 2023 along with acquiring a treasure trove of draft picks. Will this team be able to complete the rebuild on the fly? Or is this just a bridge season for the Warriors?


2023 Season Outlook:

Proj. 3v3 Lineup: CB13, Hezi, Native

Proj. 5v5 Lineup: PG CB13, SG Mama Im Dat Man, SF Kenny Got Work, PF Native, C Hezi


Gradient and Kayaus are out, Kenny and Native are in. It’s a bit of an odd move to read on paper, but you have to constantly remind yourself of the three first round picks Warriors Gaming Squad have in their treasure chest. CB13 is still at the top of his game and Hezi is one of the best young players in the league, a big-time trade could turn this team around in a second. If not, they still have a solid roster of vets who will make sure this team competes in both game modes. This team has a plan and in classic Warriors Gaming squad fashion, we won’t know until it happens. For now, we wait.