2019 Season Protected Players Tracker - NBA 2K League

2019 Season Protected Players Tracker

Initial Player Protections

All of the original 17 teams must protect two players each who were on their year one roster.  The 34 protected players (two from each of the original 17 teams) are ineligible to be drafted by an expansion team.  Players who are not protected will make up the non-protected player pool from which the four expansion teams will select.

Additional Player Protections

After the completion of the expansion draft, the original 17 teams will have the opportunity to retain up to two additional players from their year one roster who were not selected in the expansion draft.  Teams will retain players who were not protected for the expansion draft by forfeiting draft picks in the 2019 NBA 2K League Draft.  All players who are not retained will be automatically added to the draft-eligible pool for the 2019 NBA 2K League Draft.

*The following is a list of the 2019 protected players that have been announced thus far. This page will be updated as each team officially announces their two protected players ahead of the Expansion Draft.*


Wizards DG

Protected Players: Demon JT, Boo Painter.

Raptors GC

Protected Players: Kenny, All Hail Trey.

Pacers Gaming

Protected Players: WoLF 74, Swizurk.

Knicks Gaming

Protected Players: G O O F Y 7 5 7, iamadamthe1st.

HEAT Check Gaming

Protected Players: Hotshot, MaJes7ic.

Jazz Gaming

Protected Players: Yeah I Compete, Deedz.

Grizz Gaming

Protected Players: AuthenticAfrican, UniversalPhenom.

Blazer5 Gaming

Protected Players: OneWildWalnut, Mama Im Dat Man.

Kings Guard Gaming

Protected Players: Timelycook, worthingcolt.

Warriors Gaming

Protected Players: Type, Bsmoove.

Bucks Gaming

Protected Players: Game6Drake, BigMeek.

Mavs Gaming

Protected Players: Dimez, Dayfri.

CLTX Gaming

Protected Players: oFAB, Mel East.

Cavs Legion GC

Protected Players:  Hood, Sick x 973

76ers Gaming

Protected Players: Radiant, Steez

Pistons GT

Protected Players: Lets Get It Ramo, iiNsaniTTy

Magic Gaming

Protected Players: UCMANNY, KingCamRoyalty

Unprotected Players List

Wizards DG:

  • ReeseDaGod23
  • Jin
  • Swish

Raptors GC:

  • Detoxys
  • Yusuf_Scarbz
  • KingQuai614
  • TsJosh

Pacers GC:

  • Shockey
  • FrostyTheTruth
  • vGooner-
  • TuckerLocksUp

Knicks Gaming: 

  • YEYNotGaming
  • NateKahl
  • xKPMR
  • Idrisdagoat6

HEAT Check Gaming:

  • Sharpshooterlos
  • 24k Dropoff
  • Jalen03303
  • HyPeR iS Pro

Jazz Gaming:

  • Stambreezy
  • Smoove
  • MrSlaughter01
  • Tifeworld

Grizz Gaming:

  • PHENOM vv
  • Winner_Stayz_On
  • DDouble2K

Blazer5 Gaming:

  • Jomar12 PR
  • Lavish_phenom
  • Dat Boy Shotz

Kings Guard Gaming:

  • ColeWorld2K
  • cowboyxcollazo
  • Safiya4ya
  • Mootyy

Warriors Gaming:

  • Vert
  • Sleep
  • Shawn_Win

Bucks Gaming:

  • KinG PeroXide
  • XxSTL2LAxX
  • Procis1on
  • oLARRY

Mavs Gaming:

  • BallLikeSeem
  • JLB
  • HazzaUK2K
  • Devillon

CLTX Gaming:

  • PalmOilPlease
  • ProFusion
  • Speedbrook

Cavs Legion GC:

  • ToXsiK
  • Godddof2k
  • Savage

76ers Gaming:

  • I F E A S T
  • ZDS
  • Newdini33
  • xTFr3sHxX

Pistons GT: 

  • Rux
  • ixsplashkingxi
  • Im So Far Ahead
  • JosephTheTruth

Magic Gaming:

  • marley213s
  • NachoTraynor
  • KontruL