Simptoms - NBA 2K League


Rostered, Professional

Raptors Uprising GC Shooting Guard #3

Simptoms Thompson

  • Hometown: Greenwood, SC
  • Country: USA
  • 2022 Draft: Round 2, Pick 33
  • 2023 Draft: Retained Player

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Jarvis Thompson
NBA2K: Rookie
Draft: 2022 (Rd. 2, Pick No. 33)
Position: SG
Hometown: Greenwood, SC

Twitter: Jarvis2kL

PLAYER PROFILE: Jarvis “Jarvis” Thompson is entering his first NBA 2K season this year, after Mavs Gaming selected the shooting guard in the second round…He was the No. 33 overall pick in the 2022 NBA 2K League Draft…The Mavs selected Jarvis as the perfect complementary piece for KennyZeus…Jarvis was born on Feb. 9 and he’s a native of Greenwood, South Carolina, a town known for its outdoor beauty and lakes…Jarvis graduated from Emerald High School…His father, William Thompson, was a professional baseball player in the San Diego Padres system…Jarvis was raised by his grandmother, Helen Peterson, and his father…Jarvis had never been on an airplane prior to getting drafted by the Mavs and moving to the city… Thompson “gives all glory to God” for pushing him to chase after his 2KL professional sports dream: “This whole experience and getting selected by Mavs Gaming has been surreal for me, honestly, because I’ve been overlooked for many years”…Jarvis originally thought about choosing No. 33 as his jersey number to coincide with his draft pick number, but ultimately decided that No. 3 looked better…He noted that both his grandmother and father played extraordinary roles in his life, saying “my grams raised me up the right way, and my pops taught me to be a strong independent man, a good person and someone who is respectable with good character”…Jarvis said his desire to stay in the house and out of trouble ultimately allowed him to hone in on his gaming craft “and that’s how I got here”…Football is his first love and baseball is second, partly because of his father’s journey in the minor leagues…He said on the drive to the airport, it hit father and son that both would have a professional sports career…William told Jarvis: “I realize this is a golden opportunity and you worked hard to get here and you have to snatch it while you can.”

MAVS GAMING OVERVIEW: 2022 marks the first season that Jarvis enters the NBA 2K League…Mavs GG selected him as the No. 33 pick in the first round…Mavs Gaming head coach LT Fairley said Jarvis is “an amazing off-ball scorer and great at catching and shooting”…He can also create his own shot…Coach Fairley: “I think the biggest reason we selected Jarvis is because of his skills at the two-guard position, but also Kenny and Jarvis really complement each other with their play-style. Also, we have more of a reserved team this year in terms of personality, and Jarvis is the lockeroom guy that every team needs. He has a great personality and he’s an amazing NBA 2K player.”