Legit - NBA 2K League

Jake Knapp

  • Hometown: Verona, NJ
  • Country: USA
  • 2020 Draft: Round 3, Pick 10
  • 2021 Draft: Round 2, Pick 35
  • 2022 Draft: Round 3, Pick 50

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Jake Knapp
NBA2K: Veteran, 3rd Overall Season
Draft: Re-entered in 2022 (Rd. 3, Pick No. 50)
Position: PF
Hometown: Verona, NJ

Twitter: Legit_973

PLAYER PROFILE: Jake “Legit” Knapp is a three-year NBA2K League veteran and enters his first season with Mavs Gaming…He re-entered the draft this year and was selected in the third round and No. 50 overall by Dallas…Legit has appeared in back-to-back NBA 2K League Final Fours…He also makes up one half of the Knapp brothers, who became the first set of siblings to play on the same team in NBA 2K League history…This season, the New Jersey native will reunite with his brother Jerry “Sick One” Knapp for the second time in their 2KL careers and the first time with the Mavs…Previously, they competed together for Raptors Uprising GC in 2020…They are more than just brothers, though, and Jake has the stats to back up his play…Jake’s 2020 draft moment was perhaps one of the most touching in league history with TV cameras capturing his emotions when Toronto selected him with the 10th pick in the third round…Prior to that, neither brother had any idea they’d play together and it was especially meaningful after they’d lost their mother just two months prior and father several years before…They said coming together was important an step towards healing and now they’ll get another chance to make memories in Dallas…Jake was just 18 years old when the sharpshooter first entered the league, having barely missed the age requirement for the 2019 draft…He entered the 2020 NBA 2K League Combine and became eligible on this first attempt…Legit is a talented ballhandler who can play the 2 through 4…He’s a very low-ego player and known for caring more about team wins than personal stats…He first started his gaming career by playing 2K16…Jake is the proud uncle to a niece named Isabella…He says getting drafted by Mavs Gaming “was a life-changing opportunity.”

MAVS GAMING OVERVIEW: Jake is the younger brother to Jerry Knapp and the duo comes together on a team for the second time in their careers…Legit joins Mavs Gaming for his third 2KL season, previously playing for Toronto Uprising and NetsGC…Previously, he was a member of Raptor Uprising’s historic, undefeated 16-0 record in the regular season, as well as champions of both THE TIPOFF and THE TURN…Mavs head coach LT Fairley said Jake and Jerry are similar in terms of leadership, “but personality-wise, they are two totally different people.” Coach Fairley notes that Legit is more reserved and laid-back and “one of the best defending power forwards in the league” …Legit is more of a 3 & D power forward…Coach Fairley: “Jake is great at guarding the backend of a pick and roll defensively, and then he can knock down threes from the corner. He will be an important piece to our team this year.”

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