All Hail Trey - NBA 2K League

Trevion Hendrix

  • Hometown: Hot Springs, AK
  • Country: USA
  • 2018 Draft: Round 4, Pick 7
  • 2019 Draft: Protected Player
  • 2020 Draft: Protected Player
  • 2021 Draft: Retained Player

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All Hail Trey

Trevion Hendrix (All Hail Trey) was a fourth-round pick of Raptors Uprising GC during the inaugural 2018 season. Hendrix proved to be a valuable and versatile asset to the team, delivering results as shooting guard and small forward before setting into power forward and helping lead Raptors Uprising GC to an 8-6 record to a playoff berth. The Arkansas native averaged 14.4 points per game with his sharpshooting while making a name for himself as one of the premiere defenders in the league.


In the offseason, Hendrix and his teammates on team “No Smoke”, including 2019 Raptors Uprising GC teammate Frederik Mendoza, won one of the Pro-Am Xbox Season 5 championships. Hendrix returns to Raptors Uprising GC for the 2019 season as one of two protected players along with Kenneth Hailey (Kenny Got Work).


Before joining the NBA 2k League, Hendrix was worked as a busboy at Colton’s Steakhouse and Grill restaurant in his hometown of Hot Springs, Arkansas. When he’s not gaming or playing basketball, Hendrix enjoys playing basketball and watching movies. His favourite films include Friday, All About the Benjamins, the Bad Boys series and anything with Denzel Washington in it. Hendrix was first introduced to 2K in 2004 and started his competitive career with 2K15.


Year Drafted: 2018

Previous Team: Raptors Uprising GC, Cavs Legion GC

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