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Combine’s Over, but What’s Next? Player Identification Process

GGWP and congrats! You’ve made it through the Season 3 Combine. Your stats are stellar. You’re now practicing interviews with a team coach in front of your bedroom mirror. So… what comes next? 

Here’s a handy guide on what to expect over the next few weeks!

  • Remember, to be eligible for the next step in the NBA 2K League tryout process, you will need to have completed a minimum of 40 games in at least one position during the Combine.
  • Our NBA 2K League Combine player evaluation process is underway to narrow the eligible player base. During the process, the League evaluates playing ability, including raw statistics and factors like how long you hold the ball, defensive efficiency, usage rate, etc. The League also reviews the applications that players submitted during Qualifier.
  • The League will identify the top 176 players from Combine who will be invited to participate in video interviews with NBA 2K League officials.
  • Whether or not you have been identified as one of the top 176 players, all players who participated in Combine will receive an email during the week of December 16.
  • For those that make the top 176, you should expect to be contacted within 72 hours by email to schedule your phone interview.
  • After video interviews interviews have been completed, the League will finalize the top 150 players from Combine during the week of January 13, who will then be added to the Season 3 Draft Pool.
  • Aside from the top 150 Combine participants, other player groups will be added to the Draft Pool, too. They include: 
    • Player nominees from team-hosted tournaments this offseason*
    • Select players from the European Invitational*
    • The 51 unretained players from Season 2 

Again, well done during the Combine and thank you for participating! The NBA 2K League couldn’t exist without your support and passion. Best of luck over the next few weeks and we hope to see you in the Draft Pool!

*Players will become draft-eligible upon passing a background check.