Updated Team Rosters After Expansion Draft, Trade Window 1 - NBA 2K League

Updated Team Rosters After Expansion Draft, Trade Window 1

Below find the current rosters for all 21 NBA 2K League teams after the Expansion Draft and Trade Window 1, which ended on October 10.

Team Name Roster Size 2019 Roster
76ers GC 4  Radiant, Steez, Newdini33, ZDS
Blazer5 Gaming 4  OneWildWalnut, Mama Im Dat Man, Lavish Phenom, KinG PeroXide*
Bucks Gaming 2  BigMeek, Game6Drake
Cavs Legion 3  Sick x 973, Godddof2k, oLARRY*
Celtics Crossover Gaming 3  oFAB, Mel East, ProFusion
Grizz Gaming 2  AuthenticAfrican, UniversalPhenom
Hawks Talon GC 2  Dat Boy Shotz, ARSONALx
HEAT Check Gaming 3  Hotshot, MaJes7ic, 24k Dropoff
Jazz Gaming 2  Yeah I Compete, Deedz
Kings Guard Gaming 2  Timelycook, worthingcolt
Knicks Gaming 4  G O O F Y 7 5 7, iamadamthe1st, Idrisdagoat6, YEYNotGaming
Lakers Gaming 3  Mootyy, KontruL, Vert*
Magic Gaming 2  KingCamRoyalty, UCMANNY
Mavs Gaming 1  Dimez
NetsGC 2  NateKahl, Shockey
Pacers Gaming 3  WoLF 74, Swizurk, Lets Get It Ramo*
Pistons GT 2  iiNsaniTTy, Joseph The Truth
Raptors Uprising GC 2  All Hail Trey, Kenny
T-Wolves Gaming 2  I F E A S T, Hood*
Warriors Gaming Squad 2  Bsmoove, Type
Wizards District Gaming 2  Demon JT, Dayfri*

* Denotes that player was acquired via trade