Pacers Gaming vs Cavs Legion GC 5/25/2018 - NBA 2K League

Friday, May 25

9:00 PM - ET


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Team Effort Leads Cavs Legion To Third Straight

May 25, 2018

Cavs Legion GC added to their win streak in Week 3, defeating Pacers Gaming 61-49 to conclude Friday’s action in the NBA 2K League.

It wasn’t a pretty game by any means, but the win improves Cavs Legion’s record to 3-1 – an impressive feat considering their first-round pick Hood has been absent for the majority of their regular season contests.

Offense was at a premium in the first half, as both teams consistently attempted to bludgeon their way into low post baskets with little success. While Cavs Legion (3-1) led after the first 12 minutes 28-23, the two teams combined to shoot under 45 percent from the field through the first two quarters. Surprisingly, neither team was able to capitalize on the bevy of misses, as both Pacers Gaming and Cavs Legion GC failed to set up a successful transition offense.

It was Pacers Gaming’s (0-3) over-reliance on small forward WoLF 74 that demonstrated a lack of offensive diversity, as the do-it-all player was unable to create any sort of offense for his teammates. While the first-round pick did finish the game with 26 points, by far the highest scorer in the lobby, Cleveland’s plan to force WoLF to beat them worked to perfection, as the rest of the Pacers Gaming guards attempted just nine field goals compared to WoLF’s 20. The alarmingly high percentage of shots taken by the small forward was only exacerbated by a Cavs Legion offense that seemed relatively comfortable spreading the ball, with four of its five players finishing with double digit points. The difference in strategy was apparent in the fourth quarter, as Cleveland rambled off a 15-4 run to finish the game thanks in large part to multiple three pointers created by positive ball movement and terrific spacing.

Its clear Pacers Gaming will need to come up with a new strategy if it has any hopes of climbing to .500 record, as a gameplan that worked so well during THE TIPOFF has taken a dramatic turn for the worse. With their final game before the first Mid-Season Tournament coming next Friday, Indiana will surely be searching for a bit of a confidence boost against Heat Check Gaming. Cavs Legion GC will face one final team before the aforementioned tournament, taking on Bucks Gaming during the penultimate game of Week 4.


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