Pacers Gaming vs 76ers GC 7/7/2018 - NBA 2K League

Saturday, July 7

4:00 PM - ET


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76ers GC

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Pacers Gaming

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76ers GC Close Out Their Week 8 Doubleheader On Strong Note

July 7, 2018


76ers GC opened Saturday’s afternoon NBA 2K League slate with a 73-69 OT win over Pacers Gaming.

76ers GC (7-3) decided to roll the dice against Pacers Gaming (3-4) by putting Radiant at the small forward position as opposed to his usual spot at point guard. Through the first quarter of this game, it looked as though this would backfire in a big way as the Pacers completely controlled the pace of the game. They were outscored in both quarters and went into the half staring down a 32-26 deficit.

Even from the start of the third quarter, 76ers GC continued looking worse for wear, falling in a 42-29 hole early in the half. From then on, however, 76ers GC stormed back in a major way and it all started with Radiant.

While he wasn’t in his usual spot running the offense from the point, he still did his best to get his teammates going. With both Radiant and ZDS, who was playing as the point guard here, dishing out assists with ease, 76ers GC stormed all the way back to put themselves within four points of Pacers Gaming as the game was winding down. Despite vGooner hitting a clutch three for Pacers Gaming that looked like a dagger with just 40 seconds left, iFEAST answered right back with a big second-chance three pointer to tie the game in the final four seconds of the game. Of course, it was none other than Radiant who secured the key offensive rebound in this possession.

Swizurk had a chance to win the game, but missed a two-pointer at the buzzer as the game crept into overtime. That miss continued to haunt Pacers Gaming into extra time as they only managed six points in the final 3:30 of the game, including overtime. 76ers GC scored 16 points in that same span, which was the difference in this game as Pacers Gaming faltered down the stretch while 76ers GC were as clutch as can be in the end.

For such a highly-contested game, it was no surprise that everyone filled the scoresheet, as eight of the team players tallied double digits by the game’s end. While Radiant ended up leading his team with 24 points and nine assists, it was TuckerLocksUp of the Pacers that led all scorers with 27 points on 13-of-16 shooting. 76ers GC simply brought the thunder from too many angles in this one, as their quartet of ZDS, iFEAST, Radiant, and Newdini combined for 67 points.


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