Pistons GT vs. Celtics Crossover Gaming - NBA 2K League

Saturday, July 14

6:00 PM - ET


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Celtics Crossover Gaming

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Pistons GT

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Celtics Crossover Gaming Top Pistons GT In THE TICKET Semifinal

July 14, 2018

Celtics Crossover Gaming put in a complete team effort to blow out Pistons GT 80-62 and knock them out of THE TICKET.

After the Celtics Crossover came out with a seven-point lead, Pistons GT went on a 13-5 run to take a one-point advantage by the end of the first quarter. The Celtics Crossover roared back through oFAB, who dropped 14 points through 12 minutes of play, but still couldn’t find a way to race past the stingy Pistons GT defense.

ProFusion ended the half with a buzzer-beating shot from downtown, which gave his team momentum that carried over into the third quarter. Out of the break, the Celtics Crossover jumped out to a 5-0 run, shaking up Pistons GT’s composure enough for them to call a timeout. They would go on to extend their lead to three possessions before the fourth quarter.

In the final six minutes of the game, the Pistons’ GT defense was in shambles, as the Celtics Crossover ran a 22-10 clinic to end the game. Every player on the Celtics Crossover scored at least 11 points in the win, with ARS0NAL x and oFAB both standing out with double-double performances. oFAB dropped 12 assists and 17 points, while ARS0NAL x put up 16 points and 20 boards, tying the whole of Pistons GT’s rebounding efforts in the entire game.

Part of the reason for Detroit’s struggles in this game was due to the Celtics Gaming smothering their superstar Lets Get It Ramo, who only put in 13 points and 10 rebounds in the loss. Both MEL East and ARS0NAL x locked down the paint against this otherwise dominant big man, taking a page out of the Pistons’ GT playbook with some smashmouth defense.

While the Celtics Crossover will have their shot at an automatic playoff berth, Pistons GT will head home to gear up for the NBA 2K League regular season homestretch. They will begin their journey to the NBA 2K League Playoffs by facing Knicks Gaming, the team that the Celtics Crossover face in THE TICKET finals, in the first game back from the tournament.


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