2024 3v3 Open Qualifiers - NBA 2K League

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NBA 2K League 3v3 Open Competition

Announcing the third year of NBA2KL 3v3 amateur competitions, events, and prizing!

THANK YOU to the NBA 2KL Community

The NBA 2K League is built upon our passionate community around the world. It’s the combined passion and effort of all our fans, players, teams, creators, press, and staff that makes this league possible. On behalf of everyone behind the scenes: THANK YOU! You all make the NBA2KL what it is, and we couldn’t be prouder of how far we’ve come together! We are so excited to go into more detail on how we will continue to support the community during the upcoming 2024 season, but first, we want to take a moment to look back on last year:

  • Several 3v3 amateur teams rose up and took home nearly $100,000 in total prize money during the 2023 season including Glo Navy and Dot Squad, who finished 5th & 6th respectively at the 2023 3v3 Playoffs
  • We held several live events during the 2023 offseason including our APAC Invitational presented by Cignal in Manila, Philippines and our 2024 Combine in Boston, MA in tandem with the Unified Pro-Am Association
  • We had huge participation numbers in our NBA2KL Become A Pro Series Presented by Snickers draft qualification event in NBA 2K24, and draft-eligible team tournaments

2024 3v3 Season – Amateur Participation

A series of open qualifying tournaments will be held by the NBA 2K League via Rival on NBA 2K24 to identify 8 top amateur teams to compete in the 3v3 SLAM and SWITCH Closed Qualifier competition, which will then feed into the first two NBA2KL 3v3 tournaments of the season – the NBA2KL 3v3 SLAM OPEN and the NBA2KL 3v3 SWITCH OPEN.  Please see overview below:

  • There will be a total of three online open qualifier tournaments powered by Rival
    • Two online open qualifier tournaments will take place in January 2024 (Qualifier #1 – Jan. 20 & Jan. 21 and Qualifier #2 – Jan. 27 & Jan. 28). Teams will accumulate points based on placement across BOTH tournaments; the top 8 teams in points at the end of both tournaments will be invited to the SLAM and SWITCH Closed Qualifiers, where they will be joined by 8 additional invited community teams (more of this later).
    • Of the 16-teams in SLAM and SWITCH Closed Qualifiers, the top 7 teams will advance and compete in bracket play with NBA2KL teams in the NBA2KL 3v3 SLAM and SWITCH OPEN tournaments.
    • There will be one last-chance open qualifier tournament on March 9-10 that will allow one additional team from the community to compete in the NBA2KL 3v3 STEAL OPEN tournament along with 15 NBA2KL teams who were unable to advance to 3v3 Playoffs. Teams who had qualified or had been invited via the previous tournaments are not permitted to participate in this last-chance qualifier.
  • The top amateur team from each of the NBA2KL SLAM & SWITCH OPEN will advance to compete in the NBA2KL 3v3 Playoffs.
  • Two top teams from the NBA2KL 3v3 STEAL OPEN will advance to the NBA2KL 3v3 Playoffs.
  • We will NOT hold 3v3 qualifier events in the APAC and EU regions this season. We did not feel that we were creating the ideal experience for international players and will be exploring new ways to involve the global community going forward.
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Key Dates

All online qualifying tournaments organized by Rival will be cross-play between Xbox and PlayStation

NBA2KL 3v3 Competition Format & Prizing

  • Double-Elimination
  • Best of 3 until the semifinals and finals; Best of 5 for semis & finals (with reset)
  • 3v3 Pro-Am Gameplay
  • Lineup restrictions
    • 1 Guard, 1 Lock, 1 Big 
      • Guard (PG/SG ONLY) MUST be 6’5” or below
      • Lockdown (SG/SF ONLY) MUST be 6’7” or below
      • Big (PF/C ONLY) MUST be 6’8” or above
    • Restrictions
      • NO three guard lineups
      • NO two lockdown lineups
      • NO two or three center lineups


  • Top winning team from each open qualifier tournament (3 total) will receive $3,000 USD
  • Top 8 teams at the end of the first two open qualifiers in January will receive exclusive invitations to compete in the SLAM and SWITCH closed qualifiers and access to the NBA2KL League Build, used for our official NBA 2K League competitions
  • The top team from the last-chance open qualifier in March will be invited to participate in NBA2KL 3v3 STEAL OPEN

What’s Next