2019 Player Protections Tracker - NBA 2K League

2019 Player Protections Tracker

The NBA 2K League offseason is here, which means organizations have now begun protecting (aka retaining) players from being exposed in the upcoming expansion draft on October 18th.

For a full breakdown of the rules and regulations behind this year’s expansion draft, visit our roster construction primer.

For a complete list of protected players across the league, read on! The list will be updated as soon as more team announcements are made.

Tuesday, August 20th

Wizards District Gaming:
ReeseDaGod, SF
Dayfri, PF/C

Mavs Gaming:
Dimez, PG
Sherm, SG
PeteBeBallin, C

Hawks Talon GC:
Dat Boy Shotz, PF
Rando, PG/SF

Wednesday, August 22nd

Knicks Gaming:
G O O F Y 757, C
OriginalMalik, SG/SF

Cavs Legion GC:
oLarry, PF/C
AllHailTrey, SF/PF
Godddof2k, SG

Tuesday, August 27th

Bucks Gaming:
Arooks, PG
Plondo, C

Wednesday, August 28th

Raptors Uprising GC:
Kenny Got Work, PG
Sick x 973, PF

NateKahl, PF
Shuttles, C

Friday, August 30th

76ers GC:
Radiant, PG
BreadwinnerLA, PF
Steez, C

Monday, September 2nd

Heat Check Gaming:
Hotshot, PG
MaJes7ic, C

Pistons GT:
DevGoss, PG
May, C

Blazer5 Gaming:
Mama Im Dat Man, PG
LavishPhenom, SG
OneWildWalnut, C

Jazz Gaming:
Yeah I Compete, PG
Lotty, PG
Ria, C

Pacers Gaming:
Wolf 74, SG
Swizurk, SF
Ramo, C

Warriors Gaming Squad:
CB13, PG
Gradient, SG
Bsmoove, SF

Lakers Gaming:
Vert, PG
Mootyy, C

T-Wolves Gaming:
BearDaBeast, PG
JMoneyRep817, SF

Magic Gaming:
Reizey, PG
ToXsiK, SG

Kings Guard Gaming:
Bp, PG
Yusuf Scarbz, SF
BallLikeSeem, PF

Grizz Gaming:
Vandi, PG
AuthenticAfrican, C