What's Next for Women in the NBA 2K League (Podcast) - NBA 2K League

What’s Next for Women in the NBA 2K League (Podcast)

In this episode of The OFFICIAL NBA 2K League Podcast, host Scott Cole speaks to Chiquita Evans, the first woman drafted to the NBA 2K League, as well as Season 4 draft prospect ALittleLady87 (Wendi Fleming) and Warriors Gaming Squad GM, Rustin Lee.

Chiquita shares her story like never before – from the moment she was drafted to the ups and downs she experienced throughout Season 2 of the NBA 2K League as she competed with Warriors Gaming Squad. Scott also hears from Wendi on what her experience has been as a leading draft prospect who went through the disappointment of not being drafted in Season 3, but is back to try again this season, having now represented Team USA in the first ever E-National Team for NBA 2K. Rustin Lee shares his perspective on what led to his organization drafting Chiquita, and what she brought to the team on and off the court in Season 2.

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