Week 8 Power Rankings : The TURN powered by AT&T week 2 - NBA 2K League

Week 8 Power Rankings : The TURN powered by AT&T week 2

It’s that time of the week again, power rankings! Not too many changes from last week, but we have a few teams we need to give an update to. This upcoming week for The Turn will likely be the most impactful power rankings week that we’ve had all year, so keep an eye out for the one next week.

Eastern Conference

Wizards District Gaming (Last Week: 1)
Gen.G Tigers (LW: 3)
Heat Check Gaming (LW: 4)
76ers GC (LW: 2)

I’m out of answers for this team. A frustrating two weeks to say the least, you’d figure The Tipoff finalist adding the reigning MVP would equal more wins. You’d be wrong! Another 2-3 group stage record as 76ersGC barely squeaked into The Turn on tiebreakers. The team just looks discombobulated. The offense doesn’t come nearly as easy as it should and the defense…I could do a whole article on their defense, heck maybe I should! Just a frustrating team to watch right now yet…I don’t doubt the odds that they are going to make a run and be competitive on stage. Reizey was a huge reason why they made a run during The Tipoff. Let’s see if 630 can do the same.

Grizz Gaming.(LW: 5)
Knicks Gaming (LW: 6)
CLTX Gaming (LW: 9)

CLTX are a sneaky bunch. They play a really gritty, defensive-minded game that can throw any team off rhythm. They are slow, methodical, and frankly not that much fun to watch. But, they are winning games. They are figuring out different ways to win and that makes them dangerous. I balk at officially calling them a dark horse, but they aren’t going to be an easy out. The FT-TreyDollaz combo is finally starting to pay some dividends.

Nets GC (LW: 7)
Raptors Uprising GC (LW: 8)
Hawks Talon GC (LW: 11)

Yay Hawks Talon! Finally, some 5v5 success after year after year of barreness. I won’t move them up the rankings that much just because we need to see them actually be competitive against elite teams, but progress matters. They deserve to be in Indy this week.

Hornets Venom GT (LW: 10)
Magic Gaming (LW: 12)

Western Conference

T-Wolves Gaming (Last Week: 1)
Warriors Gaming Squad (LW: 3)
Lakers Gaming (LW: 2)
Jazz Gaming (LW: 4)
Kings Guard Gaming (LW: 5)
Mavs Gaming (LW: 8)

Not too many changes in the West from last week, the top 4 is pretty much locked into places and we have some pretty clear tiers of teams throughout. Mavs Gaming fits nicely into the 2nd tier of Western Conference teams. Are they as good as the top 4? No, they haven’t shown that yet. Have they shown they will at least be competitive in a game against a top 4 team? Absolutely. For a team with three rookies, that’s a great spot to be heading into the latter half of the season. KennyZeus seems to be coming into his own a bit and Zayynoss has been a ton of fun to watch this year. If they can really get Jarvis going, this team is going to compete for a title. BUT…inconsistency could derail them easily. I don’t think they’ve truly played two good games back to back this season. Let’s see if they can buck that trend during The Turn.

Dux Infinitos (LW: 6)
Bucks Gaming (LW: 7)
Pacers Gaming (LW: 10)

Not too much to say about Pacers Gaming, but I do want to point out how interesting it is that they played visibly better with Reizey vs. 630. I’m not sure who that speaks more about. Frankly I think it says something about both guys. 630 wasn’t a good fit on that roster as a SG next to Vandi, period. Is he a good fit at SG at all? I’m not sure. He chose to play the position after putting up one of the best PG seasons ever, so he’s sitting in the house that he made. What I do know is that Reizey is having a killer season. I think this may be better than his ROY campaign in Season 2, but we have a long way to go until we stamp that. But, the Vandi-Reizey combo has been worth the price of admission. Let’s see if the rest of the squad can keep them in games long enough to make a little run here and get to the playoffs.

Pistons GT (LW: 9)
Blazer5 Gaming (LW: 11)
Cavs Legion GC (LW: 12)