Week 11 Notebook: THE TURN Recap and Playoff Crunch Time - NBA 2K League

Week 11 Notebook: THE TURN Recap and Playoff Crunch Time

THE TURN Powered by AT&T is behind us, and crunch time is settling in across the NBA 2K League.

With only two more weeks left of the regular season, multiple teams will be aiming to pick up big wins to better position themselves for a Playoff spot. For today’s notebook, let’s spend some time recapping what we saw from THE TURN, and let’s look ahead at some of the key match-ups going down in Week 11 that’ll definitely have implications on the postseason chase!


Each week, we’ll sort through the top storylines that emerged from the previous week of games. This can be team performances, standout players, new lineups, or anything that made a huge impact on the week.

1. THE TURN: Another accomplishment for Raptors Uprising GC

What more can we say at this point? Are they indeed a team of destiny? The Raptors had breezed through THE TURN up until they hit a formidable Kings Guard opponent looking for the upset during Saturday’s Semifinals.

Game 1 of the series went as many expected, but Kings Guard swapped roles for Dat Boy Shotz and Yusuf_Scarbz for Game 2 and Yusuf proceeded to turn in one of the more dominating big man performances of the season, dropping 26 PTS and grabbing 26 REB to force a Game 3. Kings Guard was up by six to start the 4th quarter in Game 3, but Kenny Got Work’s triple (whose 19.3 PPG Semis average looked rather pedestrian compared to what he’s done in previous games) with 4:06 remaining to tie the score at 50 seemed to shift the momentum. While his shooting felt diminished all series long, his 12.7 APG average made up for it, and some clutch dishes to ReeceMode and Sick One kept the score close and ultimately set up the Kenny-to-Timelycook cross-court dot that iced the series. Speaking of Sick One, his 20 PPG, 12 RPG Semifinals certainly made an impact on the final results, too.

It was impressive to watch them grind out a victory with a series tied up and their backs against the wall in a Game 3. Let’s face it, that scenario hasn’t happened much this season, and you have to think that a quarter like that one gives them yet ANOTHER layer of confidence heading into the Playoffs. After knocking off Wizards District Gaming in the Finals to complete their second tournament victory of the season, Timely pronounced that the team was “here to stay.” It’s hard to argue against that statement right now.

Oh yeah, and it appears that even archetype bans can’t slow them down! It’ll be downright riveting to watch them try to go undefeated the rest of the way this season.

2. THE TURN: A Preview of the Season 3 Playoffs?Β 

Did you notice anything about the teams who made it through into THE TURN Quarterfinals (and beyond)? All 8 teams sitting at the top of the current standings competed on Friday and Saturday. It could very well have been a magic 8 ball look into how the near-future plays out for the NBA 2K League come August.

Wizards District Gaming played a gritty Semifinals vs. current No. 2 seed Jazz Gaming and ended up advancing to the Finals. It would be interesting to watch JBM, Dayfri and co. face off against Splashy, Ria and co. in the Playoffs, especially if they wind up being the confirmed No. 2 and 3 seeds when regular season play concludes. The first two games of their 3-game set was wildly competitive and it just feels like a rematch would be something the Sports Gods would give us.

The Quarterfinals games were all 2-0 sweeps. That’s not to say they weren’t competitive, but it would also be interesting to watch Playoff “rematches” for some of these teams where the archetype bans aren’t in play to see if we get the same results.

3. Week 11: Who’s clinching this week?Β 

Turning our attention to Week 11, we’re probably going to see a couple more X’s being inserted next to team names on the standings page.

Wizards District Gaming (10-2) and Warriors Gaming Squad (10-3) both have ten wins and play two games this week, and could even back into a berth with losses depending on how Kings Guard Gaming (9-4) plays. Mavs Gaming (10-5) has a bye, but they may be able to clinch as well if Kings Guard and Hornets Venom have difficulties this week.

Long story short, if Wizards District and Warriors Gaming grab their 11th win of the season, they’re IN! Kings Guard Gaming and Mavs Gaming could also advance to the Playoffs by the end of Friday night, too.


How good has Timelycook been all season long on BOTH sides of the ball?

In this first clip, he takes Kenny Got Work’s timely (no pun intended) dime and greens it to seal a Semifinals victory. The 1-2 punch of Kenny and Timely has for all intents and purposes been unstoppable, archetype bans or not.

In the second clip, Timely made sure the Raptors Uprising GC vs T-Wolves Gaming Quarterfinals match didn’t go to a Game 3 with a clutch block. This is one SG who’s been getting it done for his team in multiple ways.

Wizards District Gaming vs Jazz Gaming in THE TURN semifinals was competitive. The 20-11 4th quarter run Jazz Gaming put up in Game 1 was fun to watch, and the results of this series just begs for a Postseason rematch down the road.

Warriors Gaming Squad’s Gradient was at it again during the tournament, posting up some sick dunks and prompting Scott Cole to call him the “human highlight!”

Regg may have further helped his cause in the Rookie of the Year race by setting the single-game record for most assists dished in a game at 29! Watch the highlights from his series against Celtics Crossover Gaming (he set the single-game record in Game 2):



1. NetsGC vs Wizards District Gaming, 9 pm/et on Tuesday the 28th

Don’t expect to see Choc off Point Guard for this series! At 7-6 and 10th in the current standings, NetsGC needs a W to keep pace in the Postseason race. The problem is, Wizards District Gaming hasn’t mathematically clinched yet and you can bet they’ll be looking to seal the deal in their first game of the week. Considering The District just won $52K as the runners up in THE TURN and played a thoroughly dominating tournament, they have some momentum heading into the final regular season stretch. Look out!

2. Warriors Gaming Squad vs T-Wolves Gaming, 10 pm/et on Tuesday the 28th

We haven’t seen the T-Wolves in a regular season match in a little while, but there’s no rest for the weary as they face off against a Warriors Gaming Squad club looking to grab their 11th win and clinch a Playoff berth. The Warriors seem to have recovered from a mid-season slide of late and should be a shoe-in for the postseason. For the T-Wolves, it looks like BearDaBeast will be back at PG after reclaiming the role once again during THE TURN. He averaged 14.5 PTS and 16.5 AST against NetsGC in Round 2, then 18 PTS and 10.5 AST vs Raptors Uprising in the Quarterfinals, so it looks like Bear’s set to pick up where he left off at PG a few weeks ago. The key will be, can JMoney, Big Saint (now at SG) and the rest of the pack pick up their scoring game against a good Warriors defense who wants to advance to the postseason? If the T-Wolves fall to 6-6, they might quickly find themselves in danger of losing their grip on their playoff hopes.

3. Knicks Gaming vs Kings Guard Gaming, 9 pm/et on Tuesday the 28th and Raptors Uprising GC vs Kings Guard Gaming, 9 pm/et on Wednesday the 29th

A Kings Guard win OR loss will go a long way toward settling the upper half of this season 3 playoff picture, so their first game of the week against Knicks Gaming is automatic can’t-miss! But what goes down on Wednesday is potentially even more interesting– a rematch of THE TURN Semifinals so soon?! Think about it — the Kings need W’s to secure their postseason playoff ticket. Raptors Uprising is A) looking to stay perfect and B) do to Kings Guard what they did in the Semis. With Kings Guard playing really well overall, this is one team to keep all eyes on during Week 11 to see if they can control their own destiny, AND to see how they impact the rest of the league!

4. Bucks Gaming vs Grizz Gaming, 9 pm/et on Thursday the 30thΒ 

Bucks Gaming looked like were about to make some noise in THE TURN until they lost a close Game 2 against Hornets Venom GT in Round 2. Now they switch gears to try and build on their 7-6 record against 7-7 Grizz Gaming. The Grizz though are coming off a disappointing Round 1 tournament showing vs Lakers Gaming and are likely looking to quickly flush that bad taste from their mouths, as well as the Week 10 loss to Jazz Gaming that put a damper on their regular season momentum for the time being. Both teams have a legitimate shot at a lower Playoff seed if they can muster up another couple wins.