Warriors Gaming Squad and Nets GC Swap Shuttles, Jin, and 3rd Round Picks - NBA 2K League

Warriors Gaming Squad and Nets GC Swap Shuttles, Jin, and 3rd Round Picks

The 2nd trade of the offseason has been completed, this time with the runner-up Warriors Gaming Squad picking up a new face.

Warriors Gaming Squad received C Shuttles and NetsGC’s 3rd round pick for Jin and their 3rd round pick.

What This Means For Warriors Gaming Squad:

This is a smart move for Warriors Gaming Squad who likely stand to lose star C Slaughter to the expansion draft. Shuttles gives them a quality player to fill in for him at C or at PF, replacing Jin. Shuttles finished top 5 in both rebounds and blocks per game, but it wouldn’t be surprising for WGS to look for someone else at Center and move Shuttles to PF. If Slaughter does get picked, they’ll be able to keep Shuttles for just a 3rd round pick, so in the terms of asset management and value assessment, this is just good business for Warriors Gaming Squad.

What This Means For Nets Gaming Crew:

NetsGC is going big game hunting at Center this offseason and moving on from Shuttles is easy evidence of that. They seemed unlikely to retain him, so getting a quality starter at PF like Jin is a simple move that could pay off big. Moving back 3 spots in the 3rd round is a small price to pay for a 3-year veteran and a guy who has played in some of the biggest spots in league history at PF. Jin is a good player and should be a good fit with Choc on and off the court. Smart move for both teams, but relatively low impact compared to the last trade we went through.