The TURN powered by AT&T Recap and Power Rankings! - NBA 2K League

The TURN powered by AT&T Recap and Power Rankings!

I love the Turn. It’s the best tournament every year and even though we didn’t have archetype bans this year, it still lived up to the hype. This is the best tournament because every team brings their A-game. It’s a true test of who’s got it and who doesn’t. If you’re still struggling at this point in the season, you’re probably in bad shape playoff wise. We’ve talked about every team a ton, so let’s break down the FInals before displaying our new power rankings headed into 3v3. Keep an eye out for my mid-season awards check in article later this week!

76ersGC is a very deserving champion. They took down the #2, #3, #5 seed in the West then the #1 seed in the East to win the title. They played their best ball of the season at the best time, not too different from Hornets Venom GT the year prior. Their defensive improvements almost overnight were absurd and 630 finally looked like the reigning MVP. I was also really impressed by the play of DT on both ends. He’s hit his potential as an elite 2-way PF. Always great to see real development story in the league come to fruition. He was always a good player, but he’s gone up a level this season. The Finals themselves didn’t really show me much. If you really want to see how much the 76ers have improved, I would go re-watch their series against Lakers Gaming. They did a phenomenal job defending Regg and Reese and also gave Krazy a ton of problems on the board. It is incredibly difficult to do both at the same time, but credit to Philly for actually pulling it off.

For the Wizards side of things, it seemed like a pretty typical Season 5 Wizards DG run. Incredible defense making up for an average to below average offense. They had some pretty horrific stretches including multiple single-digit scoring quarters. Felt to me like a team that knew what they wanted to do on offense, but haven’t had enough time with their new PG to execute that offense at a high enough level. It’ll get there, but it’s a bit messy right now. Their defense though, sheesh, it’s still the best in the league.

My one small issue with the way the Finals went down had to do with time. 76ers sweep the Bucks and got to watch the Wizards finish off T-Wolves Gaming, likely gameplanning and scheming while watching for about 90 minutes. The Wizards had 15-20 minutes max to recover from a very emotional series and jump right inot a Finals against the hottest team in the league. I’m not going to sit here and be like “Boo hoo, that’s unfair”, but I think it’s a small room for improvement. If it was just a Round 1 into Round 2 game, that’s fine, but the semi-finals directly into the Finals? Feels like an adjustment can be made, but that wasn’t why the Wiz lost. Either way, congrats to 76ers GC on an awesome tournament. Their consistent improvements over the course of bracket play were very impressive. I think we’re going to get another Wiz DG-76ers clash at some point this year.

Eastern Conference

76ers GC (LW: 4)
Wizards District Gaming (Last Week: 1)
Gen.G Tigers (LW: 2)
Heat Check Gaming (LW: 3)
Knicks Gaming (LW: 6)
Grizz Gaming.(LW: 5)
CLTX Gaming (LW: 7)
Nets GC (LW: 8)
Raptors Uprising GC (LW: 9)
Hawks Talon GC (LW: 10)
Hornets Venom GT (LW: 11)
Magic Gaming (LW: 12)

Western Conference

T-Wolves Gaming (Last Week: 1)
Warriors Gaming Squad (LW: 2)
Lakers Gaming (LW: 3)
Bucks Gaming (LW: 8)
Jazz Gaming (LW: 4)
Mavs Gaming (LW: 6)
Kings Guard Gaming (LW: 5)
Dux Infinitos (LW: 7)
Pacers Gaming (LW: 9)
Pistons GT (LW: 10)
Blazer5 Gaming (LW: 11)
Cavs Legion GC (LW: 12)