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Team-by-Team Grades For 2019 NBA 2K League Draft

With rosters now set, the grades are in. Here’s how each of the 21 teams fared in adding talent during the 2019 NBA 2K League Draft.

Note: This article is the opinion of this writer and do not reflect the views of the NBA 2K League or its clubs.

Mavs Gaming: A+
5. PeteBeBallin
14. Byanymeansmo
25. Sherm
41. Rux

With just one returning player on their roster in Dimez, Mavs Gaming needed to make almost perfect use of their five draft picks in rehauling their roster back to a competitive level. They managed to do that, using both first-round picks on high-level players at positions of needed in Pete and Mo. They capped things by grabbing arguably the two most versatile unretained players in Rux and Grant, who both are super-competitive, low-ego guys. Needless to say, it was a great day in Big D.

Warriors Gaming Squad: A
2. Gradient
10. Kina
38. Jin
56. Chiquitae126

Much of the talk entering the draft was centered around whether WGS would be able to pull off a heist with their two top-10 selections and land both Gradient and Kina, each of whom’s preference was to play together. The seven teams between their selections obliged as Kina fell into Golden State’s lap. They followed up in a drafting a strong returning player in Jin before making history in adding Chiquitae as the league’s first female player.

Magic Gaming: A
9. Reizey
29. DT
43. KelMav
63. TuckerLocksUp

They got things going by grabbing the player they targeted in Reizey, who is the on-court leader new coach Jonah Edwards will count on to keep things on track. There was great value to be had in their next two picks with a pair of well-known commodities joining the fold. They finished by adding Tucker, who will be a fourth-round steal if he performs near the level he did last season with Pacers Gaming.

Jazz Gaming: A
1. Ria
23. EasyMoney
39 Gliz
57. KevDontMiss

It’s hard for a team who holds the No. 1 overall pick to mess up their draft. Jazz Gaming made the safe and correct call in taking Ria out of the gate. If he develops into the star most believe he will become, he’ll form a scary pairing with their point guard Compete. EasyMoney, a potential first-round talent, was a great backcourt addition after he fell to the early second round.

Heat Check Gaming: A-
20. Lotty
52. JMoneyRep817
74. ChaChingSingh
They didn’t have many pressing needs entering the draft after returning a core that made the league finals. Heat Check used it’s first pick on Lotty, a point guard who is a team-first guy. They doubled up in adding another ball handler later in JMoney, who could end up being one of the steals of the draft when all is said and done.

Grizz Gaming: A-
7. Vandi
27. Jayrod
42. ToXsiK
61. DDouble2K

Sometimes the marriage between player and team just makes too much sense. That’s what we have here with Vandi and Grizz Gaming, who desperately needed to grab a top-flight point guard to step right in and run the offense. Adding ToXsiK, a veteran player with high character, will only help team chemistry, something that was lacking last season.

NetsGC: B+
12. Wavy
31. Shuttles
46. Lavish
65. iiTzChas

Did they reach for Wavy in the first round? They obviously thought highly enough of him to pick him over a handful of others at that spot, so we’ll see if their inclination proves correct.The plan did seem to work in their favor when Shuttles fell to them in the second round. Landing Chas, a close friend of NateKahl, was icing on the cake.

76ers GC: B+
19. BreadwinnerLA

With just two picks and few holes to fill, 76ers GC needed to nail their first-round selection. They had to be ecstatic when Breadwinner was available by the time the 19th pick rolled around. He brings a defensive mentality and immediately slides into the frontcourt in what again will be an imposing starting five in Philly.

Celtics Crossover Gaming: B+
8. Bully
62. Suavy

While their first pick was somewhat of a surprise, Bully played himself into the top-10 and now finds himself in the same backcourt as Fab. It turns out the player some thought would be their first pick was available in the second round. Landing Autographs at that spot clearly worked out in their favor.

Kings Guard Gaming: B
3. Bp
22. BallLikeSeem
37. Roman
53. Yusuf_Scarbz
55. Zakyy610

Forced to adjust on the fly after losing Timelycook to a season-long suspension on draft day, Kings Guard did they best they could for a team in their position. Bp is a dangerous scoring point guard who immediately transforms their offense, while Seem is a lethal outside threat. However, they still need two of their last three picks to become solid contributors.

Knicks Gaming: B
21. OriginalMalik
75. HazzaUK2K
Another team that had minimal needs, Knicks Gaming scored by landing one of the draft’s better sharpshooters in Malik to close the first round. He becomes an important scoring option for a team with designs on repeating as champions. It’ll be interesting to see how they incorporate Hazza into the rotation.

Pistons GT: B
4. MrStyIez_
16. I1ImayI1
50. Jaacko
70. Ixsplashkingxi

A point guard was almost a near certainty for the first of Pistons GT’s two first-round picks. They passed on a trio of other highly-regarded ball handlers in favor of Stylez, so it will be fun to watch how the careers of that foursome play out. Adding a player of May’s caliber to the frontcourt later in the first was solid. The biggest wildcard is Jaacko, a New Zealand player who made an impression on the team at the league’s APAC Tournament.

Bucks Gaming: B
6. Plondo
17. SlayIsland
26. chaddynick
60. RSG

Their overall haul is a nice collection of talent, although some might question whether both of their first-round picks in Plondo and Slay might have been available at later spots. Regardless, Bucks Gaming zeroed in on their targets and filled their biggest needs. More importantly, placing a priority on chemistry while doing it.

Hawks Talon GC: B-
13. DevGoss
30. Rando
47. Jay a FooL
64. XxSTL2LAxX

Their first pick really was going to make or break their draft. Hawks Talon needed a point guard and were hoping a premier one would slide to them. They ended up with Dev, an impact player who will be tasked in serving as the primary ball handler. If the former coach turned player can hold his own at the position, Hawks Talon is on to something.

Cavs Legion GC: B-
51. Strainer
71. Savage

The goal was to get guards with their three picks, and that’s what they achieved. LYKaPRO will be tasked with being the lead guard on a winning team, which is vastly different from the situation he came from last season. Cavs Legion are gambling he’ll be up to the task. Strainer provides deft touch from the outside while Savage returns after being a surprise contributor last season.

T-Wolves Gaming: B-
11. BearDaBeast
45. Dr_JoJo_30
66. NachoTraynor

The bulk of this grade lies in fortuity as they were gifted Bear with the 11th pick. Despite having Hood already on the roster, adding a point guard of Bear’s ability was simply too good to pass up. They’ll be able to find ways to utilize all that talent when the season starts. Nacho, an all-around good guy, is a nice late pick up for team culture purposes.

Wizards District Gaming: C+
48. PaulB
54. ReeseDaGod23

With their first pick not coming until late in second round, WDG had a long wait to see who might drop to them. They decided on USERPICK, a versatile player who will be tasked with replacing BooPainter in the frontcourt. They used their final two picks to bring back a pair of players from last year’s squad.

Blazer5 Gaming: C+
36. Too cool
71. Jomar12 PR

They relinquished their first-round pick in the offseason acquisition of Peroxide. Can Cool step in and adequately fill the other starting spot in the Blazer5 lineup? If he can, this pick will be a solid one. Bringing back Jomar in the fourth round provides a nice comfort level.

Raptors Uprising GC: C+
15. Im So Far Ahead
35. OOC Slim
49. KingQuai614
69. TsJosh

Whether it was their plan or just the way the draft unfolded, Raptors Uprising’s haul feels very safe. Perhaps too safe. They went with unretained players with three of their four picks, including bringing back two players from last year’s team. They’re banking on Im So Far Ahead carrying the momentum from his impressive offseason into the regular season.

Pacers Gaming: C
24. Lord Beezus
40. Matty
58. Man_in_a_car

Like a few other teams, they did a bulk of their heavy lifting in the offseason in acquiring Ramo to join Wolf and Swizurk. Their three picks aren’t necessarily household names, but perhaps they know something that others don’t. Beezus should slot in nicely at multiple positions in the frontcourt.

Lakers Gaming: C
33. Kev
44. Detoxys
67. Safiya4ya

They get critiqued on the account of the 10th overall pick turning into Kina, a selection they owned but chose to trade to acquire Vert. It’s not to say it’s a bad trade, but would they have been better off holding onto the pick? Their final two selections were unretained players, but each of whom weren’t difference-makers for their respective squads last season.

Note: This article is the opinion of this writer and do not reflect the views of the NBA 2K League or its clubs.