Starting Off Strong: An Interview with WoLF 74 and Lets Get It Ramo of Pacers Gaming - NBA 2K League

Starting Off Strong: An Interview with WoLF 74 and Lets Get It Ramo of Pacers Gaming

Before making an appearance on episode 3 of NBA 2K League: The Post Up, WoLF 74 and Lets Get It Ramo of Pacers Gaming sat down to answer a few quick questions on their newly found “Big 3”, their off seasons thus far and much more.

WoLF 74 Q & A

Talk about your approach and mindset this off-season knowing that your coming back to Indianapolis for Season 2

WoLF: “For Season 2 we acquired Ramo, great talent, an MVP talent, then you have myself and Swizurk who is also coming back. So, we have a solid core of three guys. So right now, our approach heading into Season 2 is to build chemistry, we’ve all been playing ProAm together. So, for Season 2 were looking to come in hot and hopefully win a championship.”

What’s your level of communication with your teammates in the off-season and how often do you guys all play together?

WoLF: “Every night. We play every night and we’re talking to each other every night. It starts now. We have an advantage that all three of us can play together now knowing that we’re all going to be on the same team in Season 2. We’re just building chemistry day by day and hopefully it leads to good things in Season 2.”

Talk a little about your newest teammate (Ramo), what do you like about what he brings to the team?

WoLF: “Ramo’s a world class big man. He was in the MVP race Season 1, top five player in the league. And we were fortunate enough to get him so I feel like we got away with robbery. But having him on the team is great, he’s a world-class player, good leader and we plan on doing big things.”

For you individually, you played many different positions. What do you think is in store for you as we head into Season 2?

WoLF: “In Season 1, I moved around a lot. In Season 2, I’m willing to do anything it takes for my team to win. I’ll play any role. Any position. Whatever it takes for my team to win.”

Tell us about the organization and facilities at Pacers Gaming.

WoLF: “Indianapolis is a great place. They welcome us with open arms. We have a world-class facility. It’s just great to be a part of the Pacers Family. I love where I work. I love the people. They really care about us and it’s just really great to be a part of that family.”

Lets Get It Ramo Q & A

Tell us the story of when you found out you were getting traded and your initial thoughts when you found out.

Ramo: “I was like ‘Wow, Indy.’ I’m about to play with two great players in WoLF and Swiz. A great coach like Cody. A great overall organization. I spent some time there. We boot camped there and their facility is one of the best. Top 3 for sure if not the best in the league. When you think about it, a Brooklyn kid moving to Indy. A city boy moving out there. He’s not really used to that. But it’s a great family oriented city and I can’t wait. I’m just ready to hoop.”

What is your experience with WoLF and Swiz? What do you know about them as players?

Ramo: “(Wolf is a) great competitor, great leader. Brings a lot of energy to the floor. One of the best lockdowns in the game. And versatile. He showed everyone last season how versatile he was. Nobody knew he could play point guard and he went out there and balled. Swiz is by far one of the best two-way sharps in the league. He had a great performance against Celtics Crossover Gaming. Me being a fan of the 2K league, I support him a lot. I remember watching him during that game and being like ‘WOW, this kid can really shoot’. I think he dropped like 30 points and just off jump shots alone. To see that performance, it just gets me excited for this upcoming season. It makes me feel very fortunate to have two great teammates and I can’t wait to get the season going.”

Talk about what you bring to the table as a player from an intensity standpoint, as a player who always plays with their heart.

Ramo: “Me, I leave it all out there. I’m very passionate. I want to bring energy. I want to get all my teammates hyped. I want to bring leadership. I just want us to win. I want all of us to do things the right way. I want all of us to be clicking and that’s what we’re working on right now. Our season started when the trade happened. We don’t have an off-season. Right now, were all playing Pro-Am together, were building chemistry. Every other team is going to start when the season starts, but not us. So were just going to go into the season hot, with good chemistry and we want to build off that momentum.”

What is the communication like between the three of you currently? What’s that text chain like?

Ramo: “We’re talking like we’re living in the same apartment to be honest. We’re talking every day. Playing together. Communicating about everything. We’re just having fun out there playing the game together. Grinding just trying to get better day by day one step at a time.”

Any predictions going into the Season?

Ramo: “It’s championship or bust. Right now, I feel like we’re the hottest team going into the season. Our team is very scary on paper. But that doesn’t mean anything to us. We’re going to go out there and act like we’re the underdogs. We’re going to work hard, build this chemistry and start the season off hot.”