SLAM OPEN Week 2 Preview - NBA 2K League

SLAM OPEN Week 2 Preview

Lakers Gaming vs NBL Oz Gaming – Tuesday, 3/14 at 9:45 p.m. ET


Lakers Gaming comes into 2023 looking to build off of their best season in franchise history in season five where they made the championships in both 3v3 and 5v5. With Ryan1of1 likely at the helm at point guard for Lakers Gaming, we’re left wondering, will the postponements in their season schedule have them come out rusty, or will they be able to take the league by storm and upset red-hot NBL Oz Gaming? For me, this series will live and die on the defensive end for Lakers Gaming. They face a hefty task as they attempt to slow down dominant point guard, Jyden. If Lakers Gaming finds a way to create some turnovers and contain Jyden throughout the series, I could see Lakers Gaming coming out on top. If they are unable to find a way to answer the call defensively, it could be a grim day at the office for Lakers Gaming.


NBL Oz Gaming started the season firing on all cylinders and the entire NBA 2K League has quickly taken notice. Having won every series played thus far, they must figure out a way to keep the train rolling as they face Lakers Gaming in their upcoming matchup. LawRich will certainly have his hands full as he faces off against rookie Ryan1of1. Does LawRich have what it takes to wreak havoc defensively and knock off the number three overall pick and Lakers Gaming? Or does Ryan1of1 come into the series with something to prove and light it up from three-point range and spoil the undefeated record held by NBL Oz Gaming? The recipe is simple for NBL Oz Gaming, contain Ryan1of1 and you have a great chance to win the series. If NBL Oz Gaming are unable to rise to the occasion, there could be a lot of damper moods in their camp. Who comes out on top?


Knicks Gaming vs Magic Gaming – Thursday, 3/16 at 9 p.m. ET


Knicks Gaming is looking to bounce back after an exceptional first week that ultimately ended with their first loss of the season at the hands of Warriors Gaming Squad on Saturday night. After a series against Wizards District Gaming, Knicks Gaming must look ahead to the rematch against Magic Gaming on Thursday night. Here’s how they can make it two victories in a row. In their previous matchup, Matty struggled to stay in front of Malik throughout the series, therefore Malik must take quality shots and avoid turning the ball over to avoid giving Magic Gaming the opportunity to put free points on the board. Additionally, Stick must step up and have a legacy type of series versus distinguished point guard Unguardable. If Malik is able to control the game and catch fire from beyond the arc, along with Stick being able to wreak havoc defensively throughout the series, Knicks Gaming could find themselves walking away with the series victory. 


Magic Gaming is desperately needing to bounce back after a shaky opening week. To kick off week two, Magic Gaming will rematch Knicks Gaming, hoping to avenge their loss from a few short days ago. To do so they must come out firing on all cylinders. The question is, are they going to be able to fix the defensive miscues and shooting deficiencies that plagued them throughout week one? The two major takeaways for Magic Gaming in this series are they need to take what’s there offensively and Matty absolutely has to rise to the occasion defensively .If Matty is able to hold his own defensively and Unguardable is able to control the game while taking smart shots, they could find themselves on top at the end of the night.


Grizz Gaming vs Mavs Gaming – Tuesday, 3/14 at 6:45 p.m. ET


Grizz Gaming has entered the 2023 season on fire behind rookie point guard CP. Having won every series this season thus far, Grizz Gaming must find a way to continue to keep their momentum to avoid the trap game vs a struggling Mavs Gaming team. If CP is able to rack up points from beyond the arc, and limit his turnovers, this series should be a 3-0 win in dominant fashion. A question to be answered prior to this matchup though, does Logic Stark have what it takes to continue to lead the charge defensively for Grizz Gaming, or does the veteran backcourt in Reizey and Kenny put on an offensive master class and upset undefeated Grizz Gaming? 


Mavs Gaming is having a slow start this season. With only one series win thus far. Inconsistency has hindered this team in a major way. In this matchup, the veteran duo in Reizey and Kenny will have to step up. They have to be aggressive and knock down their shots, as well as limiting their turnovers. Additionally, Jarsity needs to find a way to cause chaos and impede CPs success from the field to elevate their chances of success throughout the series.