Power Rankings Heading into THE TICKET Powered by AT&T - NBA 2K League

Power Rankings Heading into THE TICKET Powered by AT&T

What a week! The Turn powered by AT&T has come to a close and with it, the NBA 2KL 5v5 regular season closes as well. Below are our final power rankings of the year, we’ll have one more version coming after the 5v5 playoffs/ticket, but unless there is some insane Ticket run, I’d be surprised if things changed too much before the playoffs start. Without further ado, let’s get into this week’s power rankings.



  1. Warriors Gaming Squad (22-3)
  2. Heat Check Gaming (13-5) 
  3. Pistons GT (10-9)
  4. T-Wolves Gaming (11-6)
  5. Bucks Gaming (9-7)
  6. Raptors Uprising GC (11-9)


A little reshuffling in our final contender’s category as Pistons GT make the leap. If by some miracle, WGS loses before the conference final, Detroit is probably the favorite out of the West as things stand. But, let’s be real, probably a total long shot that this Warriors team won’t win the title handily. In the East, no major changes. Cleveland drops back down after a very disappointing Turn series, throwing a ton of offensive questions back at a team that had seemed to find a groove coming into the week. Besides that, no major changes.


Damn Good

  1. CLTX Gaming (10-8)
  2. Wizards District Gaming (10-7)
  3. Cavs Legion GC (9-5)
  4. 76ers GC (7-5)
  5. Pacers Gaming (8-7)


Couple of changes in this group. Very Eastern Conference-heavy, but this group of 4 teams seems very packed in the middle. I’d expect 76ers GC to win the Ticket on the East side of things, they are currently one of the highest point differential teams ever to land in the Ticket, so them not even making it out would be a huge surprise. The ultimate title dark horse for me remains Wizards DG. It will have been a while since they will have played a competitive game come playoff time, but with how Benzo was playing to close the year and how wide open the East truly is, a miracle run could certainly be in the cards.


On The Bubble

  1. Knicks Gaming (8-7)
  2. Kings Guard Gaming (7-5) 
  3. Mavs Gaming (6-6)
  4. Magic Gaming (6-8)
  5. Hawks Talon GC (6-6)
  6. Grizz Gaming (5-7)
  7. Nets Gaming Crew (5-7)
  8. Jazz Gaming (4-8)


No changes in this group, we’ll check back in after Ticket time for some in memoriams.


Quadrant of Woe

  1. Gen.G Tigers (3-9)
  2. Blazer5 Gaming (3-9)
  3. Dux Infinitos (3-9)
  4. Lakers Gaming (2-10)
  5. Hornets Venom GT (2-10) 
  6. NBL Oz Gaming (2-10) 


Same thing here, we’ll give these teams their due funerals once the Ticket is over.