Power Rankings from The Coinbase 3v3 SWITCH Week 1 - NBA 2K League

Power Rankings from The Coinbase 3v3 SWITCH Week 1

We haven’t done an updated 3v3 Power Rankings article in a while, so let’s get one done as we head into Week 2 of Group Play from the NBA 2K League Coinbase 3v3 Switch Open!

Eastern Conference

1. Wizards District Gaming – 13 points
2. Hawks Talon GC – 8 points
3. 76ers GC – 7 points
4. Celtics Crossover Gaming – 8 points

We have a clear top 4 teams in the East. You could toss Grizz Gaming into that group if you’d like due to their success in the Slam, but their issues in the Switch should give us some pause. These four have been a little more consistent. Wizards DG remains the best team in the conference. Despite losing to Gen.G, their trio of Awkward-Newdini-Dayfri is doing what they usually do, winning. They are locked into the 3v3 playoffs already. Hawks Talon GC, 76ers GC, Celtics Crossover Gaming are all led by elite 3v3 guards. Ceez, Dre, and FT respectively have been fantastic, it’s been a blast watching them dissect defenses all year.

5. Grizz Gaming – 5 points
6. Hornets Venom GT – 5 points
7. NetsGC – 5 points
8. Knicks Gaming – 5 points

Our next group are our bubble contenders. Grizz Gaming is the best team out of this group, but an 0-3 group play week brings a lot into question for them, including missing a playoff spot which a week ago would’ve been crazy talk. Teams have figured them out defensively, so let’s see what adjustments they have this week. Hornets Venom GT’s scrappy defense and opportunistic offense has won them some games, but they’ve had issues staying consistent on both ends. NetsGC and Knicks Gaming both rely heavily on big games from their elite guards. Jyden led NetsGC to a 3-0 week which seemed very promising, but I’ll wait another week to seriously move them up until it’s a more consistent thing. Got to love what you’re seeing from Jyden though, he’s looking very good.

9. Gen.G Tigers of Shanghai – 4 points
10. Heat Check Gaming – 4 points
11. Raptors Uprising GC – 3 points
12. Magic Gaming – 2 points

Our bottom group has been plagued by inconsistency so far. Lineups, guard play, bad defense, you name it and it’s been an issue for these four teams so far. They all have the talent to make a jump, but without improvements to all of those spots, hard to see any taking a huge leap.

Western Conference

1. DUX Infinitos – 9 points
2. Pacers Gaming – 9 points
3. Bucks Gaming – 7 points
4. Lakers Gaming – 7 points
5. T-Wolves Gaming – 6 points
6. Warriors Gaming Squad – 6 points

The West is split a little differently than the East. It’s packed extremely tight in the middle due to the insane parity in this conference. No teams in double-digits yet and eight teams sit between 5-7 points. How do you rank these teams outside of arbitrary arguments about hot streaks and narratives? It’s very difficult to do. I think we need another full week of group play before we determine where everyone is. So close right now.

7. Pistons GT – 7 points
8. Blazer5 Gaming – 6 points
9. Jazz Gaming – 5 points
10. Cavs Legion GC – 5 points
11. Kings Guard Gaming – 4 point
12. Mavs Gaming – 3 point

Community Teams

1. Handlez – 8 points
2. Team Smoke – 2 points
3. Green Beans – 1 point
4. Rim Runners – 1 point
5. Team Clutch – 0 points
6. Ankle Breakers – 0 points
7. Dot Squad – 0 points
8. Dreamshakers – 0 points

There is a…pretty clear divide in the community section. Handles is not only the best community team, but you could argue they are a top 3 3v3 team in the entire league. NotEliteShooter, KazeTheLock, and Miami have all been excellent, showing off a two-way skillset that other teams simply do not have on the roster. I wonder how they do in the 3v3 playoffs. The high stakes and the gameplanning may give the classic 2KL teams an advantage, but as with everything in 3v3, expect the unexpected. Team Smoke has been giving teams a run for their money this year, but beisdes them, our league teams have been giving the community squads. a lot of issues.