NBA 2K League The Tipoff powered by AT&T preview! - NBA 2K League

NBA 2K League The Tipoff powered by AT&T preview!

Pistons GT vs Warriors Gaming Squad Tuesday, 5/23 8:00 p.m. ET
Pistons GT heads into THE TIPOFF Powered by AT&T looking to start their 5v5 season off on the right foot and pick up the win vs Warriors Gaming Squad. For this to happen, Ant must be productive from the field throughout the game to ensure a demoralizing task defensively for Kenny. In addition, he must facilitate effectively and minimize his miscues to avoid allowing Warriors Gaming Squad the opportunity to convert those turnovers into points. Furthermore, BagMotion must measure up to the expectation defensively by creating turnovers and wreaking havoc to keep the prolific scoring guard in CB13 at bay. If Ant can light up the scoreboard throughout and limit his turnovers while BagMotion rises to the occasion and creates mayhem defensively, Pistons GT win the game.

Warriors Gaming storms into THE TIPOFF tournament looking to start off the 5v5 season red hot as they prepare for battle with Pistons GT. To claim the victory, CB13 must be proficient from the field to be certain of an unnerving assignment defensively for Bagmotion. In addition, he must constructively facilitate and limit his slip-ups on the offensive end to avoid allowing Pistons GT the chance to convert those turnovers into transition points. Also, Kenny has to rise to the challenge of smothering Ant defensively to be certain that he is unable to find his groove on offense. If CB13 can score in bunches and Kenny can cause pandemonium defensively while silencing Ant, Warriors Gaming will start THE TIPOFF undefeated.
Prediction: Warriors Gaming Squad defeats Pistons GT

Hawks Talon GC vs NetsGC Wednesday, 5/24 9:00 p.m. ET
Hawks Talon GC prepares to lace up the gloves with a win on their minds as they gear up for battle with Nets GC. To start out on the forefront and claim victory, Ceez must be efficient from the field to assure a dejecting assignment for Streetz on the defensive end. On top of that, he has to facilitate adequately and limit his blunders so that Nets GC will be unable to convert those turnovers into fast-break points. In addition to that, Gradient has to measure up to the challenge defensively and stifle Greens to be certain that the rookie phenom is not able to find his offensive flow. If Ceez can run up the scoreboard and Gradient can cause a stir defensively, Hawks Talon GC will emerge victorious.

Nets GC heads into the 5v5 portion of the season preparing for war as they face off with Hawks Talon GC. In order to declare themselves victorious, Greens has no choice but to be competent from the field to make certain of a rigorous task defensively for Gradient. In addition to that, he must limit his lapses offensively to avoid allowing Hawks Talon GC the chance to capitalize off of them. Lastly, Streetz has to flourish defensively and thwart Ceez so that he struggles to find an offensive tempo throughout. If Nets GC are able to capitalize on these things, they will achieve a win to open the 5v5 season.
Prediction: Nets GC defeats Hawks Talon GC

Grizz Gaming vs T-Wolves Gaming Tuesday, 5/23 at 8 p.m. ET
Grizz Gaming barges into this upcoming matchup looking to start the 5v5 season strong with a win over T-Wolves Gaming. In order to walk away winners, CP has to be methodical from the field so that TBShiftay is unable to contain him throughout. Next, he must minimize his faults on the offensive end to give Grizz Gaming the best opportunity to come out on top. To end off, Jrod and Spartan are the favorites to replace Logic as their starting lockdown. No matter who draws the assignment of defending BearDaBeast, they must overwhelm him to guarantee that he struggles to thrive on the offensive end.

Does Grizz Gaming have what it takes to pull off the upset?

T-Wolves Gaming heads into their 5v5 opener bracing for their first challenge vs Grizz Gaming. To get the tournament started on a positive note, BearDaBeast must be efficacious from the field to grant a harrowing defensive assignment for either Spartan or Jrod. Secondly, BearDaBeast must favorably facilitate and diminish his shortcomings offensively. In the end, TBShiftay must subdue Cp defensively and cause turmoil in order to keep him from catching fire from the field. If these things happen, T-Wolves Gaming walks away with the win in dominant fashion.
Prediction: T-Wolves Gaming defeats Grizz Gaming