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NBA 2K League Power Rankings: Week 7

As we wind down the fourth season of the NBA 2K League, two of the most consistent teams this campaign have been Wizards District and T’Wolves Gaming. That seems fitting considering they are the last two champions of the league. 

Could they be headed for an epic NBA 2K League Finals? We’ll see. For now, they are the leaders of the pack in the Week 7 power rankings.

The Top Tier After Week 7

1 – Wizards District Gaming (14-4)

2 – T’Wolves Gaming (16-6)

3 – Kings Guard Gaming (11-7)

4 – Hornets Venom GT (13-7)

5 – Grizz Gaming (12-6)

The defending champs didn’t win THE TURN powered by AT&T. However, their final four appearance in the tournament and a bye week is enough to keep them in the top spot. 

They have what could be an easy week ahead of them with series against two struggling squads (Heat Check Gaming and Mavs Gaming). If they are 18-4 heading into Week 9, no one would be surprised. 

T’Wolves Gaming came out blasting in Week 7. They had another stellar week after a disappointing showing at THE TURN. The team is now on a 7-game win streak, which is the longest current rin in the league. 

The latest wins landed them back in the top spot in the Western Conference, and nearly at the top of this week’s power rankings. 

On The Cusp of Contention

6 – Jazz Gaming (11-7)

7 – Blazer5 Gaming (8-8)

8 – 76ers GC (13-7)

9 – Pacers Gaming (15-7)

10 – Nets GC (14-8)

11 – Warriors Gaming (11-7)

This was the most exciting group in the league. Jazz Gaming and 76ers GC both registered perfect 4-0 weeks to ignite a surge up the rankings. 76ers GC look like a squad that is finally clicking since acquiring ARooks for Caliraq just before THE Turn. 

Splashy continues to wreak havoc against teams as he destroyed the Lakers and Magic in another strong performance in Week 7. The MVP conversation has been centered around Pacers Gaming rookie 630, but Jazz Gaming’s star PG might be pushing his way past him.

In Striking Distance

12 – Knicks Gaming (12-10)

13 – Celtics Crossover Gaming (10-10)

14 – Pistons GT (9-7)

15 – Gen.G Tigers of Shanghai (9-9)

The Knicks were not perfect in Week 7, but their 3-1 week felt like perfection after weeks of 2-2 and 1-1 performances. They’re getting excellent play from Duck at point guard, which is giving the team on a whole more confidence. 

Celtics Crossover Gaming is on a five-game win streak in the league. I don’t know how long they can keep it up. They have a bye in Week 8 before taking on Magic Gaming and 76ers Gaming in Week 9. 

Getting over .500 and establishing some momentum as we head toward the postseason could be huge.

In Serious Trouble

16 – Magic Gaming (10-12)

17 – Mavs Gaming (6-12)

18 – Heat Check Gaming (8-12)

19 – Cavs Legion GC (7-15)

20 – Raptors Uprising GC (5-17)

21 – Bucks Gaming (4-16)

22 – Lakers Gaming (3-17)

23 – Hawks Talon GC (5-15)

The biggest story here is the sudden collapse of HCG. This has truly been the most mercurial squad in the league. After a seven game win streak and a strong run at THE TURN, HCG has lost five in a row, and again look like a team that is lost.

This latest hole may have been dug too late in the season for them to recover. Week 8 should allow us to see Dimez with his new team. Him, Kenny and Timely have quite the assignment ahead of them. At 5-17, Raptors GC doesn’t even have enough games remaining to get over .500 for the season.

However, if they can establish some positive vibes heading into THE TICKET powered by AT&T, perhaps they can pull off some surprises.

Brian Mazique is a life-long hoops junkie and a fan of the NBA 2K franchise since its inception in 1999. Professionally, he has a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication, and has covered sports and video games for the past 15 years for a variety of platforms, including Bleacher Report, Forbes, and The views on this page are that of this writer and do not necessarily reflect the views of the NBA 2K League or its clubs.

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