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NBA 2K League Power Rankings: Week 4

After another slate of games, we have a lot of movement in the power rankings heading into Week 4. However, the same team remains at the top. 

No. 1: T-Wolves Gaming (7-1)

And still…

Bear, Kaii, Slaughter and Co. were on bye in Week 3, but I didn’t see anything that would make me believe there is a better team in the league. They will get a nice test in Week 4 from Jazz Gaming. How does 9-1 sound?

No. 2: Hornets Venom GT (8-2)

It’s time to stop overlooking BiggWest and Nacho Traynor’s squad. Sherm and Rigby have been a dynamic backcourt, and PeteBeBallin…I mean literally, he be ballin’ on the inside. His game-winning dunk was one of the highlights of Week 3.

No. 3: Grizz Gaming (5-1)

Another impressive team on a bye, but The Blue Meanie returns in Week 4 with series’ against Knicks Gaming and Blazer5 Gaming. They should finish the week at 3-1 or better.

No. 4: Pacers Gaming (8-2)

I was expecting a bit of a falloff from Pacers Gaming in Week 3, and it came in the form of a sweep loss to the previously winless Cavs Legion squad. 630 and the vets rebounded with a sweep of Magic Gaming to maintain their spot in the top five.

No. 5: Warriors Gaming (4-2)

I was impressed with what I saw from Rustin Lee’s team. They started the season 2-0, but it was against bad competition. They came away from Week 3 with splits against Wizards District Gaming in a finals rematch, and another solid squad in Jazz Gaming. While it could have been better, that’s good enough to stay in the top five.

No. 6: Wizards District (5-3)

Dayfri talked about playing with the bullseye on his back, and you can see it in every series the champs play that other teams are gunning for them. While they are still missing the presence and shooting of Reese, WDG are holding firm, working out the kinks and remaining in the conversation for the top teams.

No. 7: Blazer5 Gaming (4-2)

It was an off week, but things get real in Week 4 when Goofy tangles with Grizz Gaming and Kings Guard Gaming. Their opponent’s combined record is 9-3, so the upcoming contests will tell us a lot about where they stand.

No. 8: 76ers GC (6-4)

I like this team a lot, but they have to find a way to be consistent. The splits are worrisome, but Walnut, Dre and the Underrated Goat give the team a high ceiling. 

No. 9: Mavs Gaming (3-3)

Give Dimez a lot of credit. He took over at point guard for Mavs Gaming and led them to an impressive 3-1 performance including a big win over Hornets Venom GT. I liked what I saw. 

No. 10: Nets GC (7-5)

Much like 76ers GC, consistency is a major bugaboo with Nets GC. Choc was spectacular in Week 3 as they swept Jazz Gaming and split with 76ers GC. Turnovers cost them a perfect week, and a higher ranking.

No. 11: Jazz Gaming (4-4)

After a strong start, things came crashing down for Jazz Gaming. A 1-3 Week 3 performance included a sweep loss to Nets GC

No. 12: Kings Guard Gaming (4-2)

After the bye week, we’re still waiting for more data, but Pistons GT and Blazer5 will help us make heads or tails of things. 

No. 13: Hawks Talon GC (5-5)

It was a bad week for Wesley Acuff and Co. They got swept by a Celtics Crossover team that I am almost sure they are better than on most days. They need more from BP than the 9.5 points he averaged in the series. Still, I can see this team getting things on track. It won’t be easy as Heat Check Gaming and Nets GC will be waiting in Week 4.

No. 14: Heat Check Gaming (5-7)

Talk about a turnaround. After an abysmal 1-7 start to the season, Hotshot and Sav engineered a gutsy week of play and a 4-0 Week 3. Some might think No. 14 is high, but when you consider their strength of schedule (2 against the T-Wolves and  2 against Hornets Venom), this team is definitely better than their record indicates.

No. 15: Magic Gaming (4-6)

An 0-4 week is not what Magic Gaming had in mind, but it is what they got. The games were close, but I’d love to ask Reizey what is up with all of the crazy alley-oop attempts in the overtime period against HCG in the final game of the night? These guys have to play smarter to be more consistent.

No. 16: Pistons GT (3-3)

After an off week, I’m interested to see what Pistons GT will do in Week 4 vs. KGG.

No. 17: Knicks Gaming (3-3)

If Knicks Gaming comes out of Week 4 at .500, we should have a parade. They have series against Grizz Gaming and Hornets Venom. It could be a long week.

No. 18: Celtics Crossover Gaming (4-4)

Talk about ups and downs. CCG allowed Raptors Uprising GC to get off the snide, but then they turned around and swept the Hawks. This is a tough team to figure out, but we haven’t seen enough to be too excited.

No. 19: Cavs Legion GC (2-8)

oFAB and Co. pulled off the sweep over Pacers Gaming, but fell back into the wrong side of sweepsville against Dimez and Mavs GG. This is still not a team to be too worried about going on a serious run.

No. 20: Gen. G Tigers of Shanghai (2-4)

Gen.G Tigers of Shanghai got their first two wins, but quite honestly, their performance was beneath what I expected in Week 3. The shot selection at times was questionable, and they look just barely above the league’s misfits.

No. 21: Lakers Gaming (2-6)

You have got to love what you’re seeing from Krazy; his game-saving block to keep Bucks Gaming winless and overall performance were indicative of a guy drafted No. 1 overall. I don’t think it’s too harsh when I say Bohio is one of the lower-tier point guards in the league (lowest PPG amongst starting point guards) This team has got to give Reese, Smush Parker, Jordan Farmar, or somebody else a chance to play the 1. 

No. 22: Raptors Uprising (1-9)

Kenny and the crew look totally in shambles at this point. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a group of players more talented perform so poorly. They got their first win, which is good, but this team is dreadful. 

No. 23: Bucks Gaming (0-10) 

The imperfect 10. What more can we say about this squad? The good news is they won’t lose a game in Week 4. They mercifully have a bye and hopefully they can figure things out.

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