NBA 2K League Players to Vote on the Top 25 Players of 2019 - NBA 2K League

NBA 2K League Players to Vote on the Top 25 Players of 2019

One thing the NBA 2K League doesn’t lack is opinions.  We see you on Twitter.  And Twitch chat.  And Instagram … and everywhere else!  And we love it.  The passion for this league is unmatched and the constant debate over best plays, teams, players, shoes, hair, sleep habits, etc. is fun for us to watch.

But, let’s get real for a minute.

Nobody knows this league better than our own players.  So, we’re gonna settle these debates once and for all with the NBA 2K League’s “The Glitchiest 25”! Players and only players will vote on who they think the NBA 2K League’s top 25 players are.

“This is *the* definitive list to get you through the offseason (queue the Twitter chirping two seconds after the first ranking drops!). 😉

We also asked every player in the league to tell us who the glitchiest players are in the following categories:

  • Best ball-handler
  • Best two-way player
  • Best player to start a franchise around
  • Most underrated player
  • Funniest player
  • Most serious player
  • Best non-2K gamer
  • Best trash-talker
  • Best IRL basketball skills
  • Best leadership skills

We’ll follow up with more on Twitter (NBA2KLeague) and during the week of September 16th!

Let the debate begin.

P.S., if you didn’t make the list it’s a great reminder to *UP YO GAME*!  It’s always grind season in the NBA 2K League!