Frame By Frame: Breakdown of Kings Guard's Game Winner Over Warriors Gaming Squad - NBA 2K League

Frame By Frame: Breakdown of Kings Guard’s Game Winner Over Warriors Gaming Squad

Kings Guard Gaming has been one of Season 2’s best surprises, going from the bottom of the league to a top 3 seed with just 2 weeks to go. At 10-5, Kings Guard has cemented themselves as one of the best teams in the league. As well as having one of the most rock-solid starting 5s, their success this year has come from consistent defense, the great play-making of BP, and their late-game execution.

Up next in our Frame by Frame series, we are going to break down one of the best play calls of the entire season that saw Zakyy610 hit a game-winner to take down Warriors Gaming Squad.

This play call came from Kings Guard coach DJ Layton and is an excellent example of how to create an open shot without a ton of time.

The Inbound

Right off the bat, you can see where the open spots are on the floor. Left corner, paint area, right wing and right elbow all have open spaces where a shooter could be a good look a the basket. The play itself is set-up as a fake. With worthingcolt setting a high screen and BallLikeSeem facing the inbound man, the defense is thinking that Seem is going to get this ball and shoot a 3 or drive to the rim depending on how the screen effects the defenders. Seem, however, is a decoy.


The Read

As soon as this play starts, BP cuts for the open corner on the left side. Jin and Gradient both follow the BP to avoid any quick 3s. Colt’s pick works and throws Bsmoove passed the 3-point line. The left elbow area opens up even more, as does Bp’s eventual passing lane.


The Play

Once the ball is inbounded, the fake still isn’t apparent to the defense. The moment comes right as Bp passes the ball. Zakky’s movement and Bp’s pass are so quick that the Warriors barely have a second to shift over. As Zakky moves into the open space, Colt starts slipping to the basket, creating a wall that doesn’t allow Type to move over and contest the shot. Once Zakky has the inside edge over CB13, an open shot is inevitable.

The Verdict

This was a play-calling clinic. Creating that much open space near the hoop with only 3 seconds left on the clock against one of the best defensive teams in the league is no joke. The most obvious target on this play, BallLikeSeem, was barely even a factor.

This kind of unique space creation is becoming more and more common as the league grows. The sterling execution of the play call also can’t be ignored. There are 15 things that could’ve gone wrong and if one of them did, this play would’ve fallen apart. From the initial move by BP to the convincing decoy to the great screen and of course Zakky hitting the shot, there was no certainty that this play was going to work with so little time to get it done. Great job by Kings Guard Gaming using a original concept to set up an open look and win the game.