Cavs Legion GC Trades All Hail Trey Back to Raptors Uprising GC for 1st Round Pick - NBA 2K League

Cavs Legion GC Trades All Hail Trey Back to Raptors Uprising GC for 1st Round Pick

The band is officially back together!

Raptors Uprising GC has re-acquired All Hail Trey from Cavs Legion GC for their 2021 1st round draft pick.

What This Means for Cavs Legion GC:

This trade was of monumental importance for Cavs Legion, who following the oFab trade, only had draft picks in the 3rd and 4th round with gaping holes in their frontcourt. The holes still remain, but with pick #21 in tow, they can pick up the Center they desperately need to pair with their current core. Trey wasn’t in their long-term plans, so getting a 1st rounder back for him is just good business. Cavs Legion will enter Season 4 with oFab, Strainer, Goddof2k, and 1st round pick at Center. Not bad Cleveland, not bad at all.

What This Means for Raptors Uprising GC:

The band is back together! All Hail Trey played for Raptors Uprising in Season 1 and half of Season 2 before getting shipped to Cleveland for Sick One. Is Trey worth a 1st round pick? Maybe not, but all the rumors this offseason were that Raptors Uprising was looking for a reunion anyway, so trading the pick to secure the guy you were going to draft at that spot anyway isn’t a huge deal. The real questions is whether Trey is an improvement over Legit 973, who had a fantastic season last year. That remains to be seen, but it’ll be interesting to see where he lands next season. When you go 16-0, but fall in the semi-finals, changes were going to come. A whole new frontcourt is coming to Toronto, Raptors Uprising’s starting 5 is set for Season 4.