Announcing the Second-Annual #Glitchy25 Poll - NBA 2K League

Announcing the Second-Annual #Glitchy25 Poll

Back by popular demand, the players-only #Glitchy25 has RETURNED!

Last year, we asked our NBA 2K League players to settle the debate on who the league’s top 25 players were during Season 2. This year, players from Season 3 are getting another chance at deciding an all-new “Glitchiest 25” ranking!

We’re also asking players to tell us who the glitchiest SZN 3 pros are in the following categories:

  • Best Ball-Handler
  • Best Two-Way Player
  • Most Underrated Player
  • Best Leadership Skills
  • Best On-Camera Celebrator
  • Best Player to Build a Team Around
  • Best Social Media Presence
  • Player with the Most Amount of Optimism
  • Which Active Player has the Best Chance of Retiring as the League’s All-Time Leading Scorer?

We’ll follow up with more on Twitter (NBA2KLeague) and in November!

Let the debate begin.

P.S., if you didn’t make the list it’s a great reminder to *UP YO GAME* for Season 4!  It’s always grind season in the NBA 2K League!