$60K Up for Grabs Across 23 Regular Season Matches - NBA 2K League

$60K Up for Grabs Across 23 Regular Season Matches

Who doesn’t like playing for a chance to win more $$?!

Starting this week through July 10, the NBA 2K League is rolling out 23 regular-season matches that will have cash prize implications. That’s right, the winning team in each of these matches will walk away with an extra $2.5K!

The purpose of introducing the cash matches is to add some more excitement to the regular season and to provide more opportunities for teams to win prizing. Here’s some additional information about these matches:

  • Each team will play one home match and one away match that have prize implications (e.g., a team may play three matches in this two-week span, but only two will count toward these cash matches)
  • Each match will be worth $2.5K
  • The team with the highest PPG in the two applicable matches across the two weeks will receive an additional $2.5K
    • Total prizing distributed over the next two weeks will be $60K

The total 2020 season prize pool remains $1.4 million.  The breakdown of the Playoffs and Finals prize pool will be announced at a later date.

Just a reminder, we’ll be back on ESPN2 on 6/30, 7/1, and 7/2 .  The Game of the Week on 7/2 at 10 p.m. ET will now be the Gen.G Tigers of Shanghai vs undefeated Raptors Uprising GC.

For a complete list of the upcoming Cash Matches, see below:

June 29 – Heat Check Gaming vs Raptors Uprising GC
June 30 – Cavs Legion GC vs Wizards District Gaming
June 30 – Bucks Gaming vs Celtics Crossover Gaming
July 1 – Wizards District Gaming vs Jazz Gaming
July 1 – Blazer5 Gaming vs Mavs Gaming
July 1 – Gen.G Tigers vs Heat Check Gaming
July 1 – Warriors Gaming Squad vs Hornets Venom GT
July 2 – Lakers Gaming vs Knicks Gaming
July 2 – Raptors Uprising GC vs Gen.G Tigers
July 7 – Mavs Gaming vs Grizz Gaming
July 7 – 76ers GC vs Lakers Gaming
July 7 – NetsGC vs Bucks Gaming
July 7- Magic Gaming vs Hawks Talon GC
July 8 – Kings Guard Gaming vs Pistons GT
July 8 – Knicks Gaming vs 76ers GC
July 8 – Hornets Venom GT vs T-Wolves Gaming
July 8 – Pacers Gaming vs NetsGC
July 9 – T-Wolves Gaming vs Warriors Gaming Squad
July 9 – Grizz Gaming vs Blazer5 Gaming
July 10 – Celtics Crossover Gaming vs Pacers Gaming
July 10 – Pistons GT vs Magic Gaming
July 10 – Jazz Gaming vs Cavs Legion GC
July 10 – Hawks Talon GC vs Kings Guard Gaming