3v3 Playoff Picture - NBA 2K League

3v3 Playoff Picture

The second 3v3 week is upon us, so let’s go through our current playoff picture and what’s on the line.

Eastern Conference
1. x-Wizards District Gaming – 17 points
2. x-Celtics Crossover Gaming – 14 points
3. x-Hawks Talon GC – 13 points
4. 76ers GC – 11 points
5. Knicks Gaming – 10 points

Wizards DG, CLTX Crossover Gaming, and Hawks Talon GC are already out of trouble with playoff spots locked in. Wizards District Gaming have the pole position for the #1 seed, but it’s not quiiiiitttte locked in yet. One more win for D.C or one more loss for CLTX will get the job done, so mark it down as very close. The real focus is on 76ers GC, Knicks Gaming, and Hornets Venom GT. 76ers GC are in a safer spot with three series left to play, but the Knicks Gaming team and Hornets Venom GT can both finish with a maximum of 12 points. If Hornets Venom GT win out and Knicks Gaming drop a series, Hornets Venom GT get a playoff spot and Knicks Gaming, who just traded a first round pick for Radiant, get sent to the Steal Open. It’s a major storyline, that’s for sure. We’ll be tracking this on broadcast all week, but man, what an upset that would be.

6. Hornets Venom GT – 9 points
7. NetsGC – 8 points
8. Grizz Gaming – 7 points
9. Heat Check Gaming – 7 points
10. Raptors Uprising GC – 6 points
11. Gen.G Tigers of Shanghai – 4 points
12. Magic Gaming – 2 points

We’ll do a broader preview before the Steal, but all teams besides Hornets Venom GT and NetsGC has been eliminated from playoff contention. NetsGC are pretty close to that fate as well, but that math doesn’t have them at 100% yet.

Western Conference
1. x-Pacers Gaming – 17 points
2. x-Bucks Gaming – 13 points
3. x-Pistons GT – 13 points
4. Lakers Gaming – 12 points
5. DUX Infinitos – 12 points

The Western Conference is much less complicated. IF Lakers Gaming or Dux Infinitos win one game each, they clinch a spot in the playoffs. If both of them lose their remaining two series, and Cavs Legion GC or Warriors Gaming Squad win both of theirs, Lakers Gaming and Dux Infinitos are heading to the Steal Open. Simple as that. Crazy to think that Dux Infinitos had a clear line to the #2 seed then lost three straight series last week to fall to the #5 seed. Pacers Gaming, Bucks Gaming, and Pistons GT are already clinched with Indiana having their first round bye secured for the playoffs.

6. Cavs Legion GC – 10 points
7. Warriors Gaming Squad – 9 points
8. T-Wolves Gaming – 9 points
9. Jazz Gaming – 7 points
10. Mavs Gaming – 7 point
11. Kings Guard Gaming – 7 point
12. Blazer5 Gaming – 6 points

All down to Cavs Legion GC and Warriors Gaming Squad now. Both can hit a maximum of 12 points, so they are going to need a real miracle to get in. It’s still possible, but pretty unlikely. However, Warriors Gaming Squad has a game coming up on Friday, so if everything falls into place, the final playoff spot in the West could come down to the last day. Warriors Gaming Squad open the week against Bucks Gaming, so we’ll know pretty early if we need to worry about that.