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2021 NBA 2K League Draft: What to Watch For

63 SPOTS, 63 MOMENTS: At the conclusion of the 2021 NBA 2K League Draft (Saturday, March 13 at 7 p.m. ET on Twitch and YouTube), all 23 NBA 2K League teams will have completed their six-person roster.  Lakers Gaming has the first overall pick, Pacers Gaming has the second overall pick and the Gen.G Tigers of Shanghai have the third overall pick.  During the offseason, all 23 teams were permitted to retain up to four players from their 2020 roster, leaving 63 roster spots available.  For the complete draft order, click here.

DIVERSE PLAYER POOL: This year’s draft pool includes a record 33 international players from nine countries – Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Singapore, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom – and a record 10 women who earned eligibility through both the NBA 2K League Draft Prospect Series and the NBA 2K League’s Women in Gaming initiative.  For a complete list of players in the 2021 draft pool, click here.

ALL IT TAKES IS ONE: At the 2020 NBA 2K League Draft, Wizards District Gaming selected John “JBM” Mascone with the first overall pick.  The point guard went on to average 30.5 points in the 2020 NBA 2K League Finals delivered by DoorDash, helping Washington win the championship.

THE E-LAKE SHOW:With the seventh overall pick in the 2020 draft, Lakers Gaming selected point guard Sten “SAV” Valge-Saar.  SAV finished the season fourth in scoring (32.9 PPG) and was named a finalist for the 2020 NBA 2K League Rookie of the Year.  Part of an organization known for dynamic duos and holding the first overall pick, Lakers Gaming is looking for a franchise player to pair with SAV.

TWO BROTHERS, TWO (POTENTIAL) NBA LEAGUES: Shooting guard Andre “AlwayzDre” Smith is the half-brother of Los Angeles Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma.  AlwayzDre’s favorite childhood moment was watching his brother get drafted in the 2017 NBA Draft, and he is now hoping to hear his own name called on draft day.  The brothers are very close and both love to play video games.  Click here to read about their bond in the Los Angeles Times.

MEET MILO: Meason “xMiLo—” Camille earned draft eligibility through the 2020 APAC Invitational in Seoul, South Korea.  A native of Melbourne, Australia, Milo is seeking to become the first Australian player to make the NBA 2K League.

SUPER MARIO: Hailing from Madrid, Spain, Mario “avemario32” Ortega Ariza is one of the most intriguing prospects in this year’s draft class.  The center distinguished himself at the 2019 European Invitational in London and as part of the winning team for Bucks Gaming’s Draft Prospect Series Tournament this offseason.  Learn more about him on The Official NBA 2K League Podcast and the league’s original content series, “Draft Hopefuls.”

ZIAH: Ziah “ZiggyZiah” Minor qualified for this year’s draft by being one of the top performers in the Women in Gaming initiative.  A passionate basketball fan, the Bowie, Md., native began playing NBA 2K when she was 12 years old.

TRAFFIC CONTROL: Alaina “DjLayyy” Haney also had an impressive showing at the Women in Gaming initiative.  An air traffic controller from Charleston, S.C., Haney began playing NBA 2K in 2015.  She also likes to write music and play the drums.

FLYING HIGH: Donovan “SELDUM” Mass is an active member of the United States Air Force and currently lives in Moreno Valley, Calif.  SELDUM began playing NBA 2K on NBA 2K10 with his father, who has inspired him to chase his dream of being an NBA 2K League player.

LAW AND ORDER: 2KL: Vincent “Big Perm” Valerio is a licensed attorney.  The Brooklyn, N.Y., native practiced law for more than two years and now is looking to prove his case in the NBA 2K League.  Also in the pool is Lytel “Lotty” Martin, a former police officer for the Mount Vernon (N.Y.) Police Department.  Lotty has spent two seasons in the NBA 2K League, playing for Heat Check Gaming (2019) and Jazz Gaming (2020).

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION: Shooting guard Derrion “Arkele” Elmore has acted in a number of TV shows, including Good Girls, Black Lightning, Murder Chose Me, Fatal Attraction, Homicide Hunter and Atlanta Homicide.  The Atlanta native played for his hometown Hawks Talon GC during the 2020 season.

MONTANA FIRE:John “Witness” Mushaben of Broadview, Mont., grew up on a large farm and ranch.  When he’s not honing his skills in NBA 2K, Witness is a volunteer firefighter.

VALUABLE VETERANS: This year’s draft class will feature some decorated NBA 2K League veterans. Among them are 2018 NBA 2K League Finals MVP Nate “NateKahl” Kahl and 2018 NBA 2K League Sportsmanship Award winner Brandon “ToXsiK” Raudenbush.  Andron “LavishPhenom” Thomas, a key member of Blazer5 Gaming since Season 1, is also looking to get back into the league.

THE BIG APPLE:New York City remains a hotbed for elite NBA 2K talent, as more than 40 players in this year’s player pool call the Big Apple home.