Pacers Gaming vs Magic Gaming 7/21/2018 - NBA 2K League

Saturday, July 21

12:00 PM - ET


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Magic Gaming

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Pacers Gaming

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Magic Gaming Outlast Pacers Gaming 69-66 To Stay on Playoff Bubble

July 21, 2018

Magic Gaming (6-4) are alive and well in the hunt for the NBA 2K League Playoffs after beating Pacers Gaming (3-6) in a tight 69-66 Saturday matinee match. A 24-17 third quarter from the Pacers Gaming reset the game after a rough first half, but it was not enough to overcome a brutal early deficit.

Magic Gaming dominated the opening minutes of the game, jumping out to a 10-0 run through a pair of threes and two shots in the paint. On defense, a combination of bad shot selection from Pacers Gaming and solid contests kept them ice cold until just over three minutes left to play in the first quarter when WoLF 74, who struggled early in this game, finally broke the drought with a triple off a fast break.

After that disastrous start for Indiana, Magic Gaming rode out the first half to lead by seven, only to lose it by the end of the third quarter. With the game level at 53, the fourth quarter began as a slow and defensive affair, as both teams struggled to score in the first two minutes. A quick Pacers timeout allowed them to snap out of their offensive funk and go on a 6-0 run, which  Magic Gaming soon squashed by the final minute.

Pacers’ Gaming last meaningful possession started with WoLF 74 finding Swizurk in the corner for a three-point attempt that would have tied the game at 64-64. TuckerLocksUp came away with the rebound for Pacers Gaming, but that second chance opportunity was ruined from a contested deep attempt from WoLF 74 that missed the mark. The rebounding work horse came away with his 16th board and final board for one more shot at a tie ballgame, kicking the ball out to Swizurk who found FrostyTheTruth at the free point line. The ball clanged off the rip, tipped off TurnerLocksUp’s hands and went right to UCManny, who advanced the ball with a timeout.

Magic Gaming then won the game on free throws, clutching up on the line to deal a harsh blow to the Pacers’ playoff chances. Outside of their strong first quarter performance, Magic Gaming’s success can be attributed to their ability to lock down the Pacers’ Gaming star point guard WoLF 74. He only dished out 5 assists and garnered 3 turnovers in what was a forgettable day for the usually solid offensive facilitator.


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