2023 Season Structure - NBA 2K League


The name of the game for the NBA2K League during the 2023 season is refinement. Last year our league introduced the 3v3 game mode. The goal for 3v3 in 2023 is to continue to provide opportunities for up-and-coming players to rise to the top, compete on stage for prizing and potentially earn a spot on an NBA2KL roster. Split 2 will feature 5v5, which remains as the apex of the 2023 2KL season and competitive NBA2K gaming. With that said, here is what we kept and what’s new:

SPLITS: The season will be divided into 2 distinct splits
with its own unique format: 3v3 and 5v5

○ Split 1 3v3: March 8th – May 13th

■ Double Elimination Bracket Play
■ No conferences
■ Community and Pros will meet during bracket play only
■ Seed weeks removed and replaced with an additional week of remote bracket play
■ No Pro teams will be eliminated after group play (seeding + playoff points)
■ Closed Qualifier placement will determine which amateur teams get invited to bracket play

○ Split 2 5v5: May 23rd – August 5th

■ Traditional format with conferences and single elimination bracket play
■ Seed weeks removed and replaced with an additional week of remote bracket play
■ All of bracket play will be best-of-3
■ Addition of NBL Oz Gaming

● Player movement windows

○ Teams will now only be able to trade during designated “player movement” windows throughout Season 6
○ The goal here is make player movement more operationally efficient while simplifying things for our fans
○ Movement Dates: March 8th – March 23rd, April 3rd – April 20th, May 22nd – June 8th, June 12th – June 29th

● Add/Drop Period:

○ This season we will be introducing new mechanic to give our 2KL teams more flexibility with rosters while having the dual benefit of giving top-level amateur players a chance to hop on to a professional roster
○ May 14th, 2023 – May 19th, 2023

● Broadcast Timings

○ Remote Games: Tuesday – Friday
○ Stage Games: Wednesday – Saturday
○ 6PM broadcast start